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Hi I'm Gera

At the end of my life, I want to be able to say it was a life well lived. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a happy woman. At this time I am a healthy woman. I live in a beautiful place on this earth. I love my husband and the person he has become. I like who we have become after 51 years of marriage. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren bring us joy. I have friends in my siblings, neighborhood, church, politics, and varied interests. My heart is big enough and more for all the goodness that has touched my life. I have just listed gratitude for the positive things in my life but there have been times of trouble, hardship, sadness, but I choose to acknowledge them only, and don’t look back except to help another with my lessons learned. I have been blessed with an awareness and knowledge of God. His plan, not only for me, but for the world offers clarity of thought and direction. His son, Jesus Christ, offers love that can hardly be measured by my mortal thoughts; and yet I hold dear His love for me and an eternal perspective of a forever family. This earthly life is so short and precious. It is wisdom to search and find the answers to these three questions. Where was I before this life, what is my purpose while I am on the earth and where am I going after this life? Sobering questions but the answers will make all the difference in a life well lived. My husband and I are currently serving a church mission in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Why I am a Mormon

As I have studied the Old Testament, I could see the pattern of the Prophets; they would preach and sometimes people would listen and sometimes not. A Prophet's role was to teach Christ coming and warn humanity to repent. You see this pattern occur over and over again, right up to the time of Christ's ministry. When Christ organized his church it was done his way. How could any earthly man improve on it? It all seemed so sad, to have Christ's church so pure and then to be so different in doctrine centuries later that countless versions of churches and doctrine were available to choose from. If there was to be one God and one Faith, how could we know which belonged to Christ? Mormon doctrine teaches that a restoration of Christ's original organization of His church would need to take place. I know that happened in 1830 and that Joseph Smith was the Prophet the Lord chose. There is a Prophet of the Lord on the earth today, this gives me assurance that God is still speaking to His children. Since I have become a Mormon the years are full of evidences of God's love to His children, the most wondrous being the reality of the Book of Mormon, another evidence that Christ is our Redeemer. The Book of Mormon teaches the life of Jesus Christ throughout the entire book. I love the Bible which teaches in the Old Testament that Christ was coming and the New Testament describing his earthly ministry. I look forward to more witnesses to be revealed.

How I live my faith

It is important to know who you want to be. When I learned that I was literally a spirit child of God, it changed my thoughts on so many areas of my life. If I am his child and he is my Father in Heaven then I want to please him. It helps me to please God when I know that he allowed his Son who was perfect to help me be cleansed from my mistakes. That is huge, that kind of love I understand when I liken it to my feelings for my loved ones, who I would sacrifice my life for. I continue to study to know what is expected of me, I have worked long hours and grown in great relationships in many projects within my family, community and church. Anything good comes from God, all things that bring you to Christ's teachings is a sure way to know you are in His service. Many times I have taken on responsibility for teaching youth and organizing large events such as church youth camps and women's events. My faith continues to develop as I serve. I love America and all those who have gone before me who stood for freedom and believed God was real. I have been active in local politics, because if not me than who? We all have to safeguard the coming generation, lest they forget the sacrifices of so many.