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Hi I'm Hannah

I love gardening and baking. Young Women activities are my favorite part of the week. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Hannah. I am 14. I love to garden, I don't know what I'd do without one. Something that I am passionate about would be baking. I LOVE to bake and create new recipes. I even own my own small bakery for my neighborhood, just run by me. I have two pets, a Yorkshire Terrier named Gigi and a Bunny named Ginger. I want to become an Obstetrician when I get older, I think it would be a very rewarding career. I want to go to the Southern Virginia University in (obviously) Virginia. I love to read books, and can spin through a 250 page one in less than 2 days because I just can't put it down. My record is 1 day for the Hunger Games book. It was so good. Some of my favorite books would be The Goose Girl series and the Harry Potter series. I love books. I have one niece and one nephew and we love to play outside together in the summer time. I made myself a tree swing in the fall. I love it. Nature is beautiful. I love to hang out with my two besties. We like to hang out and play games. We share a lot of the same interests.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church. I have always gone to church and activities, and I never really questioned it. As I have gotten older, I have realized for myself that the gospel is true. Some of my non member friends ask me why I believe that there is a God. They also tend to ask me if he's so good, why does he let us suffer? There are a few reasons (there could be more, but these are some that I have realized) why I believe that there is a God. Some people say because you can't see something it isn't there. I thought about this a lot. I really did question His existence. But I read something that Albert Einstein had said to a professor. He asked the professor, can you see your brain? Can you smell it, touch it, or feel it? You can't can you. So therefore, according to your observations, you do not have a brain. I believe that sometimes, things just have to be taken on faith. You have to have faith that there is a God and that he is good. Some people confuse faith with hope. Hope is hoping that someone will cook breakfast for you in the morning. (strange example, but true) Faith is when you believe in something that is not seen but is true. It is kind of like the sun. We have faith that it will continue to rise morning, and it always does. It is kind like God in that he is always there even though sometimes we think he has forsaken us. He will always be there and he will always love us because we are his children.

How I live my faith

I recently turned 14, so I am a Mia Maid. (a group of Young Women in our church) There are not many young girls in my church, but it is still a lot of fun to attend activities and meetings with them. Because there are so few of us, we are all very close. Sometimes it can be hard to want to get up and go to church and other activities, but I know that Heavenly Father will bless me for it.