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Hi I'm Elder Federico Arias

Hello, my name is Federico Arias, i am serving my Mission in the Montreal Canada Mission,

About Me

Hello I am from Colombia, but i was raised In Canada. I've had the opportunity to learn three languages through out my life and i feel very blessed to be able to have this talent as is has helped me to communicate with people from all different parts of the world and to learn about their cultures. This has create a big passion for me as it gives me a big interest to learn about different languages and cultures. I am fascinated to learn new things and to be able to expand my mind with great aspects about life. I love Music, playing sports and traveling. This three things are a huge part of my life as it helps me to grow stronger, to mature and find a meaning in life. I am currently working full time to save up for my mission and doing the best i can to prepare myself to the fullest so i can be the best missionary i can be.

Why I am a Mormon

I had the opportunity to be raised in the Gospel and grow up with amazing values and principles. It has helped me to see life in a very different, teaching me to be a better citizen and human being. I love being a Mormon because it helps me to respect, love, and help others. I know this aspects are very essential about life. However, this motivates me everyday to do good things and to always keep the commandments of God, which were given to all mankind at the begging of existence. Being a Mormon helps me remind myself of who we used to be, who we are, and where were going after this life. It reminds me that everyone who is in this world accepted the plan of salvation that our Heavenly Father provided to us in the preexistence, and that we are here on this earth to prove to him that we can be obedient and go back to his presence one day. Going to church everyday Sunday reminds me that we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and a reminder that we used to live with him and why we are here on this Earth. I love being part of this church because it motivates me to live a healthier life and to always be positive about everything we do, no matter what we go through in life, having God in our lives will always keep us keep strong and see everything in a different way. We are not made of rock, we were made of something spiritual. therefore, we must feed our spirit as much as we can, and this will happen by believing there is a God on this earth and following his commandments each and everyday. This is what being part of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints has taught me about life and how to prepare myself to meet our King, the Lords of Lords one day and be with out families forever and ever, and i say these things in the name of Jesus Christ our redeemer, Amen

How I live my faith

I am currently a Gospel Principles teacher, i love this calling as it is helping me to learn more about the Gospel and the great blessing it is to be able to have this in my life. I also, have the responsibility to call all the home teachers in my district to keep track of when we do "home teaching" and how we can help families in need. I have not yet started to do "home teach" im not really sure why, but i will start this month with a great companion and will home teach a recently married couple. I always try to keep active in church and go to Church activities and meet new people. I love singing in the Choir and being able to experience the feeling of feeling the spirit in different ways. Whenever there is "talent shows" in the Spanish wards, i participate in cultural dances with my friends and presented to the whole stake. I love being active in the church as it helps to keep strong and to love the gospel even more.