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Hi I'm Curtis Carter

I grew up in Utah, I am the Youngest of 6 Kids, I Love my Family, Photography and the outdoors!!!

About Me

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My Family has always had strong connections with each other, and that is my life. My family is apart of my rock along with Jesus Christ. and that is one thing that I absolutely love about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. this "Religion" is centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and Families. We know that Families can be together not only in this life, but we can be together for Eternity. I Do everything with my family. My dad and I spent almost every weekend doing whatever our interests were. whether it was School work when I was in school. or Hunting, Fishing, or Camping. also we spent so many Hours Chasing hopes and Dreams of Pictures that we wanted to capture. photography Plays a Big role with everyone in my family. my Dad, one of my Sisters, and I are all Professional Photographers. I enjoy the Experience of trying to get a Great picture of Lightning in the middle of the night. or freezing some High Speed moment with a Click of a Button. it is an Adventure every single time.

Why I am a Mormon

A couple of years ago I actually fell away from the Church as I found that there were other things that really interested me, and there were other things that I wanted to do other than being involved with Church activities. I realized that I was not as happy as I am when I am involved in Activities in the Church, I also found that I relied on Christ to guide me through the things that I wanted to do. I kept thinking that the Lord was the reason that I was failing because I was not following Him. then I turned it around and even though I still have failures, I have more success when I follow Him. I also have gained more experiences and thoughts through out the things that I have failed at and the things that I have succeeded at. this is what I rely on to keep my Faith and listen to the Spirit and follow the Lord. Also during the time while I was not active in the Church, Something really hit me hard. I came across a scripture in the Book of Mormon. it is Alma Chapter 30 verse 44. I love the outdoors and I realized that all these things that I get to enjoy and experience are not just put here for no reason. there has to be a purpose and there has to be that Supreme Creator" or else things would just be here and we would not be able to enjoy them. there wouldn't be that sense of joy and peace. that one scripture convinced me that there is a God. at times I really do struggle with the Thought that there is no God. but then I just look around and think of all those great things that I get to experience and I know that everything is Well!

How I live my faith

I Love to Help people. I feel for them when they are in Need. I want to help them as much as I can, and I will do anything I can to do so. right now I am serving a mission in the Kentucky Louisville area. I love it so much. there are so many things that I have learned as an individual that I want to take back home. I know that service is a great way to open up someone's heart. I have seen it! they open there heart and talk to God our Loving Heavenly Father. and you see them change, and Grow. they look towards the future with an open heart. and they stand willing to face the challenges that they face, only because they Have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in there life. and one way we can help people doing this is by serving them. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is True, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the True Church on the Earth Today. I know that He lives and that we have a Modern Day Prophet on this Earth to Lead and Direct the People back to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.