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Hi I'm Marisa

I'm a first grade teacher. I'm a wife and a mom to a pitbull named Bones. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an elementary school teacher. I've taught four different grades at four different schools in the past five years. With budget cuts in education, teachers have been mobile. :) I went to college right after high school and for the most part, worked two jobs while attending school full time. My parents passed away when I was ten. My mom was going to college to be a teacher when she died, so I intended to work hard to live out her dream. Hard work pays off! I am a newly wed (2 years is new, right?) with our first new home. We have a beautiful pitbull named Bones, but we are hoping for children soon. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was introduced to church by a friend who was recently baptized. I wanted to be supportive because initially her family was not. I doing so, I learned a little about what the church stood for. I seen a wonderful change in her attitude and standards. At that time, I was not interested in the church, but it made me think about God and religious upbringing. I was brought up Catholic and was very involved in my youth. When I went away to college, I became agnostic because religion did not make sense to me anymore. After seeing the change in my friend, that glow she had, I sought out to find God-wherever He may be. I wanted truth. I felt like there was so much to choose from, especially after my world religion class in college. I was exposed to so much. The one religion I did not study was the LDS church (Mormon), so I decided to take some lessons with the missionaries. Nothing made more sense to me than what I was taught. I prayed for confirmation and received it. I always thought that everything was supposed to be such a mystery and we were to just deal with it. Now I know that having this knowledge brings so much peace. I had been waiting for this peace since I was ten years old. I know that God loves us so much. I know Jesus Christ has endured my pain and died so that I might live. I know I can be with my Heavenly Father again no after what my past says. I know I can be with my family for eternity. I know I receive strength from the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon which clarifies and supports the Bible--it is true. I know we have a living prophet that guides us in these latter days. I know that by living these principles I am truly full of joy. I know this because I live. I will always live it. I am forever grateful to my friend for being an example of the love of Christ can do and the missionaries who gave up two years of their life to bring such a precious, beautiful truth to my life. I know it, I live it, I love it. I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday and enjoy wonderful spiritual nourishment! I work with the youth--the young women in particular. They are a blessing to be around. I help them accomplish goals to live Christ like. They do activities, projects, service, etc. I am suppose to inspire them, but usually they are inspiring me. Their eagerness to learn and determination to do the right when so much around them is wrong, is astounding. I work with them on Sundays and once a month on a weekday for a special activity. I also visit a particular sister in the ward once a month. This is called visiting teaching. I visit and share a spiritual message. This sister is now a friend of mine, and we look forward to my visits! I make sure she is doing good and if their is anything I can help with, I do. (Although, she is always trying to help me!) She is an amazing lady. Another thing I try to do is help whenever there is a need. Prayers are sometimes answering by regular people serving others. I have had so many prayers answered by kind serving people. I try to do the same and lift a helping hand.

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

I love this question because I was so surprised when I learned the answer. Leaders in the church are not paid with tithing. What? It's true! Everyone in the church works so hard because they believe in this gospel and they want to support it. They work for free (well, we work for blessings). The money that we give to the Lord goes to the Lord's church. It goes to materials, books, electricity, and construction of buildings. It goes to education, temple work, and other church functions. Along with tithing, we are asked (yes, just asked) to fast the first Sunday of each month and give the money we would have spend on food as a fast offering. Fast offerings go to the help the poor and needy. Our church has zero debt. Tithing is spent wisely and spent on only necessities to further the gospel. I am proud to pay tithing and have received blessings and a strong testimony from it. Show more Show less