What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Adam Olney

I grew up in Utah, and as a member of the church. I'm an Eagle Scout. I'm a mormon

About Me

I enjoy writing poetry, it's how I release tension and get down to how I'm really feeling deep down. I write about anything and everything. I love going for bike rides, and even did a 50 mile bike ride last summer. I have loved being in scouts and camping and hiking with them. I am a middle child in a family of five children. I have recently picked up the hobby of Snow boarding, and love it! I often Volunteer in a fourth grade class as a Student Teacher. I enjoy reading to them and teaching them to write poetry of their own.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church and always believed it to be true. At the age of 14 that belief turned into true knowledge as I read and prayed about the book of Mormon. As I finished reading the book of Mormon I knelt down beside the tree I had been reading in and prayed with a real desire to know it was true. I could feel that the lord was pleased that I had asked him, and that I already knew the book to be true. I knew that because the Lord had given me this knowledge it was my duty to live the gospel fully and share it with those around me. By being able to go to the pioneer trails in Wyoming I came to love the pioneers and to feel of their dedication to this work. I know that this is Christ's church established once again on the earth, and that by this gospel we can achieve all the happiness the lord intends for us. I know that Heavenly Father is a loving God, and although he may not fully lift the burdens we carry from us, he will strengthen us to be able to bear them, and comfort us along the way. I have witnessed those around me fall away from the church for numerous reasons and each time i am truly saddened for them, but continue to pray that they will return. I know that this gospel is led by a prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who is able to speak as the Lord's Mouth piece. The lord loves us and wants us to return to live with him, but this is only possible through the laws and ordinances of this gospel. While some may say the standards are restricting, I hold them to be the only way to protect our ability to choose for ourselves. Every commandment is given unto us to make us happier, on this earth and throughout all eternity. I have prayed about the Book of Mormon, the Church, and the commandments numerous times and it has always been true. I want to share my testimony with the world that they may come and behold the joy and happiness that I have come to know as a member of this church.

How I live my faith

I am in charge of choosing a hymn, or religous song, to sing each sunday when the men gather together to discuss the weeks past and future activities, plan, and then break off into smaller groups for classes. I have enjoyed going to visit neighbors and share religious messages with them as a Home Teacher. I have served as the leader of the 12-13 year old boys, as well as assisting the leader of the 16-18 year old boys. I have enjoyed helping to knit hats, tie quilts, and make toy blocks for people who can not afford these types of items. I love being able to do hard work in other's yards and homes that they themselves could not do. More then once I have set my head down at the end of the day exhausted from helping someone move into or out of the area. I also love to look for simple ways along my path to serve, such as helping to push out a stuck car, or shovel someone's sidewalk for them.

What is being a Mormon like?

Adam Olney
Being a Mormon means always having those around you who love and care about you. Fellow members will bend over backwards to help you, even if they don't know who you are. There are wonderful Church activities that everyone is encouraged to participate in. You are taught by those who have been where you are now, and what to help you with what they have learned over the years. You are also able to find comfort in hard times because this religion is one of faith and hope. Being a Mormon means being a better and happier person. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

Adam Olney
The law of chastity is how God helps us properly use the greatest and most important gift he has given us, the ability to pro-create, or have children. As part of the law of chastity we understand that we must be pure both in mind and body, meaning that not only do we not have sexual relations with those we are not married to, but we also do not look at pornography or arouse powerful feelings of procreation in ourselves. The Law of Chastity is one of the greatest blessings that we have in the church. For those that follow it it removes guilt and shame as well as making life easier and simpler. Show more Show less