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Hi I'm Morris

I was a soldier. I practice Ninjutsu and I love riding motorcycles. I'm a husband. I'm a father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was always an independent person who loves freedom. I grew up promising myself that I will never do anything that will not make me happy. I love to choose my own path. That path led me to an early life serving in the New Zealand Army. It also led me to one of my greatest passions: Ninjutsu. This same path led me to start my own business. I love riding motorcycles. Since leaving the Army, riding my motorbike on winding backroads gave me the adrenaline rush I'm missing. I have travelled to many different countries and had partaken of several different cultures. I believe that the earth is full and there is plenty to spare for everyone to enjoy. That's why I intend to receive all of life's blessings without holding back. I am a husband. I married the love of my life on the 4th of July, 2012. I'm gonna be a father very soon. my wife is due to give birth in two months.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this faith. But that is not the reason why I am a Mormon. Every member of this church had to go through a personal conversion process. Being born into a certain religion alone does not give one a good reason to keep the faith. Everyone MUST, at a certain point of their life, make the time to really find out for his/her own self if what they had always believed in is true. A person born into this faith is just the same as a convert. He/she must take the same step. My own conversion started when I was 22 years old. I was living in New Zealand then and I was just released from Military Service after the completion of my tour of duty in Afghanistan. My local Bishop asked me to serve a 2-year full-time mission for the Church. I thought it was pretty bold of him to ask me that. In fact, I hated the notion. Giving up two years of my life is a big ask. It felt like a burden because I'm not even sure whether I really do believe in the Church's teachings. This was the cross-road of my life. I had to decide whether I believe or not. There can be no neutrality about this. It can only be either the true church, or a complete lie. An Inspiration came to me that I must personally take the time to really read the whole Book of Mormon. Not in the way of one trying to seek out the errors, but rather, as a seeker of truth. Day after day, I read. And day after day, my testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel began to materialize. I knew in my heart that the Book was really from God. I found out for myself that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. I knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint is God's true Church. I knew because there was no mistaking the Holy Ghost when I read that book. I know you could find out for yourself too. Read the Book of Mormon and pray to God. Ask Him if it is true.

How I live my faith

I am am a youth leader in our Local Ward. I enjoy teaching the young men during Sundays. I love having fun with them too. Young guys in their teens need great role models to follow. I may not be perfect, nobody is, but at least I can say that if ever one of these boys might want to follow where I've trodden, they definitely will not be walking in the forbidden paths where the Lord would not have them go. I strive to become an example to them of a person who follows his heart, do what he likes, have a lot of fun, does all these cool things like martial arts and motorcycles, and yet still keep a healthy balance with the important aspects of life like being a great husband, father, and a businessman. I want to show them that a man doesn't have to be associated with drugs, alcohol, and other vices to be deemed acceptable to society. You definitely can live clean and still be a cool guy.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Friends have asked me these questions. We Mormons live very normal lives. We have fun, we have cool hobbies, we work, we celebrate Christmas, we go to Church, we believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, we love our families. We live pretty much like a normal morally responsible, faithful, happy Christian. Our strict adherence to the code of Virtue and Morality and our refusal to take Alcohol, tea and coffee, or tobacco had somewhat become legendary. My non-Mormon friends ask me how I can live without these things. I answer, "with great satisfaction." Show more Show less