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Hi I'm Neal Johnson

I am a senior in high school, I make movies, play with motion graphics, know three instruments, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I absolutely love everyone. People call me a teddy bear. Probably due to my enormous size. I'm 6'4, the youngest in my family, and also the tallest. I have a passion for making movies. Every since I can remember the video camera has always deserved my utmost attention. I know pretty much all of the Adobe programs as well as some 3D modeling ones as well. I can play three instruments: Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele. Piano is sort of a weird one for me, I suck at reading sheet music, but apparently i'm pretty good at making stuff up. Most things come naturally to me, i'm not an expert and anything, but pretty moderate and everything. Except for drawing, I am really, really terrible at drawing. I have lots of talents that I have been blessed with and try and find new and inventive ways to bless others with them too. I don't like it when people over think life. Philosophy is stupid to me. Why question things of the universe when there are too many questions in your daily life that need answering? Planning to far ahead truly takes out the adventure and beauty of the present. Laziness bothers me, especially when I suffer from it. I don't like wasting my life away playing video games when there's a new skill to learn, or some new creation to invent. I like creating things. I like the magic that comes from it. Everyone has talents and skills, they just need help finding out what they are. I like to help them. I want them to feel the magic I feel.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon for the simple fact that it's right. How can a religion where the central idea or goal is to simply be together with the one's you love for eternity be wrong? I can't believe that there is nothing after this life. I can't believe that this world was built by chance, that the beauty of the universe was formed by mere happenstance. There is no way that that's true. The stars were designed by God. The Earth was created cell by cell, mapped out, planned, and formed. It is a living, breathing piece of art that has been in progress for a lot longer than we know. Calling it a random coincidence is insulting to God, and is insulting to what it stands for. I am a Mormon because I know that this church is the only way to be with the ones I love past death. My biggest desire is to have a family, to be a father is a responsibility that I can't wait for. I see fathers with their daughters and know that that's what I want. I know that that's where i belong. I want a family to fight for, to defend, and to grow with. And I know that the only thing that can stop me from living with them for eternity is if I disobey the commandments of God. I know the truth, I know that this church is true. I know that it's right. I am Mormon simply for the fact that it's true. It just true.

How I live my faith

There's something about his church that makes it easy to live out your faith. You have opportunities every week to share your testimony with others and to learn of other's testimonies as well. I constantly learn new things every day about the church. I live it through mutual activities on Wednesday nights, church dances, seminary, and scouting. I try and be an example to my friends and love learning from their examples. I love having discussions with them through group scripture studies and conference talks. The coolest experience I ever had with my best friend was during the Saturday session of conference where they lowered the missionary age. There was such a spirit in the room that I haven't ever felt. I knew that it was changed for a reason, I knew that I was meant to go. I have an absolute testimony of the lord. I do know that he died for me personally and felt everything I'm going through. I know there is no trial that i cannot overcome with the lord on my side. I mean, how can I lose with a god on my team? As long as I follow his commandments, I know that he will fight for me, and with me. My patriarchal blessing says that I will have the Tongue of Angels, the Voice of Angels. This is so amazing to me. I know that if I follow the commandments of god that I can touch the hearts of thousands. I love service. I absolutely believe that the best way to forget your own problems is to help out with someone else's. When we help other people with their problems, the lord helps us with ours. I don't like to think that we need blessings for every service we do though. Service should not be about getting something in return. It shouldn't be about the ultimate blessing in the end. It should simply be about helping that person. The only reward should be knowing that that person's life is a little bit better. We are all closely woven in this world. Everything we do affects another. So why not touch each others life for the better?

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Neal Johnson
The church itself is designed around the equality of man and woman, one cannot be without the other. Both are required for eternal and divine happiness. Women are absolutely amazing. They go through so many trials that men can't even consider. There is a truth in thinking that even though men should be in charge of the protection and progression of the house, women are the ones that hold it together. I've seen women do things under pressure that men would just crumble under. But I've also seen men do things that women can't do. It's all about equality. Marriage is a team effort, each has to do their part in order for it to survive. That why it's important to find the perfect spouse for you, as well as being the perfect spouse for them. You going to be spending not just an earthly life with this person, but all of eternity as well. Show more Show less