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Hi I'm Andrea

I'm an adventurer. I love to laugh. I'm a bio, music, and photo nerd. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always dreaming about the places I would go in the future, and all of the adventures I would have. I was always a little different from the other little girls, getting over a love for pink and replacing it for blue early on, refusing to style my hair in anything other than a ponytail or a braid down my back, and running around with my little brothers, wanting to show them up at climbing, biking, and other sports. I envisioned these other worlds so vividly as I ran around with a wand fighting dark wizards, feeling the dirt under my paws as I howled to my fellow wolf pack, or being a mermaid in the pool and swimming circles around my human friends. Since then, I've come to accept that I can still be adventurous and look like a girl, and I've been able to see new places as my family has moved around for work. Although it's hard to leave a place behind, there's a little part of my childhood self that wakes up and longs to see what these new places have to offer. With my trusty bike, violin, camera, and my loyal brothers I've been able to ride all over, play in, capture, and explore many more places than I ever dreamed would be possible.

Why I am a Mormon

Although there is hardly ever a boring moment in my life, there are moments when the adversary likes to wiggle himself in and give me his two cents. "Andrea, what are you doing? Why do you even try? There's no way you're smart enough to study Marine Biology. You're just a mediocre violinist, if you could even say that. Look at how pretty that person's pictures are compared to yours. You're not worth it. Quit trying so hard to be someone that you'll never come close to being." Sometimes, I believe him. Sometimes, I feel so so alone, and feel that I'm a disappointment to my family, and that I've let down my brothers, who mean the world to me. But then I remember the promise the Lord gave us in John 14, "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you....and ye [are] in me, and I in you." We are children of our Heavenly Father; each of us with infinite worth and potential. He will never leave us alone, even when we feel that we've let him down, because he loves us. And even if we don't feel like we're good enough to be something, we're good enough for him, because we are his children, and we have the potential to become something great.

How I live my faith

I feel my Heavenly Father's love as I strive to bring myself closer to Him by living up to the standards I've been taught and serving my fellow brothers and sisters inside and outside of the church. I don't do it because I've been told to or because I want his approval, but because, like when you bring an object closer to heat, the closer I bring myself to Him, the stronger I can feel His presence in my life. It's something that I never want to feel the absence of because it strengthens me, nourishes me, and gives me the confidence to move forward when things get hard. I know the Book of Mormon to be true, and as I read it, I'm given answers to my questions, whether they be simple and petty, or whether they be deep and soul-wrenching. It gives me so much peace and comfort in my life. I know that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its entire restored form. And because it's true and ever-constant, no matter where I am, I can have the knowledge of who I am and what my purpose here in life is.

What is faith?

Faith is having the courage to believe and accept something to be true, even if you can't physically see or touch it. It's hard to cast away your inhibitions and go for believe that you want to be true, but can't tangibly prove. But the beautiful thing is that truth doesn't change, and there's always evidence of it it. Faith in God means that you trust that He's there, that He knows you, and that He has a plan for you. It means that you're willing to act in the way He's instructed you to act, and follow the plan He has for you. And though these beliefs and hopes start off small, the more you act on them, the more they turn into solid knowledge and fact. Show more Show less