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Hi I'm Elder White

I'm a Missionary. Serving in Vegas. Hope All is Well with you all, I'm a Reactivated Member, with a pretty crazy story. Here Goes.

About Me

Hello Y'all! I'm a student in University and I absolutely love it. i love to read anything. I listen to any kind of music that can make someone happy. I'm a very empathic friend, who cares for just about everyone i meet, and try to make them feel as loved as I can. I love the outdoors and stargaze when I need to think about important things. i sing in a choir at my college, and I absolutely love the arts and athletics, anything that brings joy to someone. Now that I've been in the field for about 3 months, I've come realize thepower of a laugh. When negativity comes your way, if you can find something to make you smile, and laugh, then your day will get much brighter. The constant Companionship of the Holy Ghost, has given me more of a reason to look forward to the day ahead. I'm keeping all of my previous "About Me" So everyone can see the changes that happen, about me. So 18 months since I've hit the field, I've learned to love more now. I can't type it all, you must understand. I can't explain how much God has changed my life for the better. I just know that He has. I am so grateful, for God, and all of his Justice and Mercy, He is my Father and He knows exact how to Teach me. So I can Teach others. I love this path God has led me down, and I wouldn't Deny it if a gun was pointed to my head. Which it has happened since I got here. 18 months ago..

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because of an event that happened in April of 2010. A young man, was murdered in his own home. At his funeral, my sister came home feeling as if we should go back to church. my parents converted when I was one year old, and I was about 12 when we fell away. At 17, I was all for going back to church because of the instant fellowship that you get from people when you go. Throughout the following 8 months all five of my family members came back to church, and now at the age of 20, I am leaving to serve a mission as of February 13th, 2013 to Las Vegas West. As a missionary out in Vegas, I've learned that showing love is the greatest attribute that someone can show to another person. I see the results of living the gospel and it's teaching in my daily life, and how it has made me a better person, brother, friend and son. I know that we receive present day revelation, and that brings me hope for life eternal. I know that all those that have been lost to us in this life we can see again, after this life is over. The plan of Salvation is a plan of hope. I also know that we have prophets to speak and give us relevation in these days. Amen.

How I live my faith

With Love, I've found that if I can make a person smile, I'm showing them that someone cares, and that they can also know that their Heavenly Father loves them. I keep it lively, I let people know that I'm a Latter-Day Saint so that I can answer their questions upfront, and with love and I shout it out. I love being a missionary, I don't know what I would do without this experience. I figured out how to take care of myself. The Lord takes care of me, and even though there are trials in my life, I know that God is there. So I walk side by side with God, and Jesus Christ, and I just love people. Some people haven't had that opportunity to just feel loved. I know that here in Las Vegas, people stay in their homes, and don't stop and smell the roses, and I'm here with the best flower to smell, and I'm just trying to Live my life, as well as Love my Life.