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Hi I'm Matt

Since graduating from highschool I've live in China, England, and the USA. I'm an engineering major and I'm a mormon

About Me

I'm a believer of making the most out of life and experience all it has to offer. I'm a student at USU studying Mechanical Engineering and Chinese. After graduating from high school and moving to England (where i shared my beliefs for two years) i realized that learning about other cultures is something i love. I lived in mainland China for 6 months exploring, teaching and... well... failing to learn the language. haha, i'm figuring it out more as i study it now. I love design and spend a lot of time thinking about the way things are built. Hiking in the canyons, cooking a great meal, working as a team to build and race a student built vehicles, reading the lord or the rings (i kinda put it off till college), and scrounging to get through school on a meager income. Life is full of adventure and it's always great! I'm studying to one day become a Mechanical Engineer. Mechanics design is my passion and creating is what i want to do. I dont care if it's a small engine, furniture, or the most amazing tree house the world has ever seen, I am excited to use my skills and make a difference where i can.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the principles and teachings are true. I didn't expect to serve a mission or to be where i am today. Growing up, my 5 older siblings decided not to go to church so there was not pressure for me. When I was younger i viewed church as a waste of time, i could use that time more wisely working towards big things! Looking back it seems funny. Education, family and even having a good time are still really important! Even so, the gospel is the greatest thing i have in my life. When times are hard and frustrations are high, it means the world to know i can turn to a loving God in prayer. I know he is our literal Heavenly Father, and have no doubt he desperately cares . I'm a Mormon because i know there is a living prophet and living apostles on the earth today. I was skeptical as i grew up wondering if this fact was a joke, but as i studied their words, i know they speak from that loving God us guide us to the happiest we can be. I'm a Mormon because the gospel helps me to be better than i alone could be. Sometimes life dishes out more than i want to take, but I've learned over time, as long as i trust in the lord and strive to follow the example of Christ, things always work out. With a knowledge and trust in God i have optimism and joy have been my happiness all life through. It may not mean a lot just to read, it didnt mean much when people would tell me this as a youth... but if you apply it to your life it becomes hard to even doubt that it's not true

How I live my faith

My parents were the best examples of living their faith to the extreme. Giving a bedroom to friends in need, giving of their time and talents to help people near by, and Hosting meals for the neighborhood just to make everyone feel a part. They set a great example to follow. I try my best to follow in their foot steps and one day i hope to be as great an example as they. I spend 5-9 hours studying in the library a day, but still i look for opportunities to serve. Helping friends through homework, visiting the elderly, supporting friends through good times and bad. I can't say I often do any big act, but i try my best to make a difference every day. The biggest way i live my faith is by trying to improve how i am and work towards the man i want to be. I want to be my very best for myself, for those around me and for my future family. Studying the gospel daily, reaching toward my career in school, serving others, learning to cook like a pro, finding adventure... There are limitless ways to grow. It gives me something to work towards and be happy about all life long!

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Growing up my parents helped several people going through hard times. I remember new people i had never met moving into our house a hand full of times, people they met at work and people they became acquainted with over a short time. They taught english classes in the community for free trying to help make life easier for all. Religion isnt taken into account when you serve. The church as a whole sends millions of dollars in aid to people all over the world every year regardless of what faith the recipients believe. I hope everyone will look into the gospel for them self, but the church and its members serve whoever is in need. Show more Show less