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Hi I'm Tawni

I work with a primitive wilderness therapy program and love to travel. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

A little about me; I am a college graduate. I have a Bachelors of Science in Recreation Management. With the knowledge gained through obtaining this degree, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work for a primitive wilderness therapy program. I love the skills that come with the territory of this program, they feed my inner hunger for a challenge and for learning. This job comes with its fair amount of risk, which allows great opportunity to grow. "There's no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone" -Unknown I am fortunate, for my job allows me to live out my hobbies. Hobbies such as, camping, hiking, backpacking, leather working, and wood/stone carving, among so many more. The best part of my job, however, is being an instrument in the Creators hands in helping others find healing. I have had the privilege of seeing people accomplish difficult feats all the while having their hearts change as they begin to truly see themselves and others. They begin to see what they are capable of. I find that my job is most rewarding when I have the opportunity to witness the progression of all those involved.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, because of the Doctrine and Principles taught in the LDS Church. We get our Doctrine and Principles from the word of God which is found in the scriptures and from present day prophets. I was 2 years old when my Mom married my Dad and converted to the LDS Church. I have been LDS almost my whole life but I am a member by my own choice. I recognized early on in my life that the members of the LDS church were not perfect but that the teachings of God and Christ were. The LDS church teaches that the Gospel of Christ is centered on families. Families not alone, but families who base their life on the Doctrines and Principles found in the scriptures given of Christ. When a man and a women marry it isn't just the 2 of them in the relationship but 3 as you include Christ. The Doctrine also explains how death is only a stage in life, and that families can be together forever, reunited even after the mortal body dies. The LDS church teaches members to be proactive. Talks are constantly given for members to do service and to look after the well being of others. We are taught in the scriptures that when we serve others we are serving Christ. By service we show gratitude and love for Christ. Christ is an example of a servant-leader. He sacrificed His life to serving those around Him. He is an example of divine love and of goodness. Through His atonement we have been provided a way to make up for our short comings and mistakes through repentance, and we have the chance to live with Him again. I am Mormon, because through acting upon what I have learned through the gospel, I have found an overwhelming feeling of peace of which I have not experienced before, I have found direction, I have found healing, I have found light, and I have found hope.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through prayer and service. I have been in many positions with my job where I felt inadequate and small, and truly I was. Many of our clients suffered from some type of addiction, abuse, or inner struggle. Helping them heal from that often times felt tedious. Their safety was in your hands, fragile and precious. We only had so much time to help perform a miracle. Alone, I could not provide the direction or support they needed to heal. I found that as I cried unto the Lord, and turned my heart towards Him, healing did happen, and miracles did occur. Through Him, I was strengthened, my heart was softened, and my mind was cleared. I became an instrument in His hands. And His works were performed. With prayer, it was also vital to have a willing heart. I needed to act. Service is a great expression of love, if not the greatest. Through serving those I worked with, (clients and employees both), invitations of kindness, trust, and love were extended. A safe and healthy environment was created. Positive relationships were formed. It was often through service that our clients felt they could open their hearts and trust us. This made opportunity for progression possible. Through working together came great accomplishments, change, and healing. I also live my faith through turning towards and supporting family. There have been moments where I was disheartened and wanted to run away from the world, friends, and family. Through time, I began to see the necessity of a healthy family foundation, and I came to learn the importance of running towards family. I now understand people are capable of change, and I shouldn't ever give up on them. So, I choose to believe in others. I choose to believe in my family, and I choose to believe in myself. This is how I live my faith. I know through sincere prayer, and acting with a willing heart, that we can become who He needs us to be.