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Hi I'm Mike Turvey

Born in Hilperton Village.Married to Sarah 21yrs.Four sons,one daughter.Family Business. Love family,travel.I'm a Mormon

About Me

My wonderful Mum and Dad were married 62 years until Mum passed away. I have 3 awesome sisters along with nephews,a niece, great nieces and great nephews and have been married to Sarah for 21 years and I'm Dad to Dave,Zach,Warren,Jazzy and Ben. I'm an honest down to earth 'Moonraker' from the heart of Wiltshire and in my early years could be found climbing trees,and generally getting into mischief! I also had a paper round. I attended the local village school, and then the town Secondary Modern Boys' School for 5 years where I played for our school football team, was 800 metre champ for a season and I also played rugby. I left school at 16 and served a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship, which my heart was never really into but I stuck it out and 'served my time'. Being a natural born philosopher,I felt disillusioned with work, politics,religion and life in general and seriously pondered on the purpose of life. I spent a couple of years hitchhiking around USA, North Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia Minor, sleeping rough under the stars, looking for answers and solace for my troubled soul, finding casual work to support myself. I truly found Jesus Christ in Israel and began seeking His Church I later met two young Missionaries in my home town who taught me the Principles of the Gospel. I just knew it was true. I have helped build our Carpet Cleaning/Flood Restoring,Pest Controlling,Company with Sarah,my beautiful wife. I really love my Saviour,wife,children and family.

Why I am a Mormon

While privileged to have been brought up in a family with kind and loving parents I found things difficult likely due to the fact that I was experiencing what is now commonly known as an Attention Deficit Disorder which may have led me to challenge everything and everybody and lose the plot and mess myself up quite a bit,suffice to say. To escape from boredom and frustration I felt compelled to travel to feed my hungry soul and inquiring mind. I wrote on the factory wall in black grease 'LET ME OUT OF HERE' shortly before my hitchhiking trips began, looking for a New World! (bit like in 'Antz'!) At last I was FREE so I thought. While I made a lot of friends from all walks of life and no doubt had some pretty wild, positive and negative experiences my soul still hungered. I'm grateful to have learned years later that my dear Mum was looking towards the moon every night pleading with Heavenly Father to teach me, keep me safe and help and guide me.I remembered many of the good things my Dad tried to teach me. (see 'Enos' in The Book of Mormon) My search for Truth was ON. Working in Israel I found myself holding a Bible looking to the sky asking God to help me in my search for peace and relief from torment and if, there was a Truth, please would he help me find it, that was, if He existed or cared enough. I testify, that in a split second I felt like every single word of that book penetrated every single molecule of my being. How could this happen? And what happened? The Holy Ghost happened I later learned! I had been given a spiritual witness of Jesus Christ. I was excited,humbled,yet confused. Now what? Time to move on... hitchhiked home! Got my old job back 'LET ME OUT OF HERE' still on the wall! After sincerely praying for forgiveness and guidance, that very day a member of the Church started at work and later introduced me to the Missionaries. The same Holy Ghost testified to me that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God! Thanks Lord for everything. Carpe Diem!

How I live my faith

Shortly after joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I was ordained a Priest which gave me the authority to participate in certain sacred ordinances such as the blessing of the weekly Sacrament which is symbolic of Jesus Christ's Last Supper prior to His suffering and crucifiction and also the authority to Baptize new members. I have always regarded this as a wonderful and humbling privilege. While I have never been to University or have a Degree in Religion or never been an expert Biblical Scholar, I have come to know that my life has meaning and purpose inspired by the fact, the Apostle Peter was a fisherman when Jesus said, 'come follow me' We are called to serve in Church Callings by Divine Inspiration. Callings give us the opportunity to grow and learn and to love the people who we serve.Since there are no paid clergy in the Church it often requires a fair bit of sacrifice because life is very busy but when I put God's work first I seem to have more time to do other things and the blessings are greater than anything money can buy ,in my view. I am youth leader in our local unit and teach and help the lads between 12 and 18 build strong moral character and faith in God and learning to love and serve others. I have a lot of help and support from my assistant named Ieuan who served a mission in Japan and was there when the earthquake hit and he was able to help out there.He is such a good guy and is teaching my youngest son Ben, Japanese phrases and culture which he loves as he's really into Manga stuff!.Our Bishop is a blast. He acquired an old 175 cc trike which we are doing up. We play a lot of football, go camping,abseiling,canoeing,shooting targets, eating pizza,survival skills and gardening for the elderly. We love it! I have also been assigned to visit once a month with another brother 3 families with a monthly message of love and support and practical help when required. I've also worked on many Charitable projects over the years. Love it!