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Hi I'm Brian

I am an installation artist, video artist and (legal) street artist.

About Me

I have received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts. I am married with a nine year old son and a five year old daughter.

Why I am a Mormon

Personally the term, "Mormon" isn't the name of the church I attend. I am a Latter-Day Saint. Which is to note that I follow Jesus Christ in the days leading up to His return. In a nutshell my reason for membership in the church has come from personal revelation. I don't argue with people about faith. For faith is not in conflict with faith; charity is not in conflict with charity and love is not in conflict with love. That being noted, if there is truth, then there would thus be a place for that truth to dwell. Therefore there must be a single given church where the truth dwells. Ergo, "One Lord, one faith and one baptism". There are various scriptures that mention the truth coming forth in the last days. It is my conviction that, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is the very church mentioned by prophets of old.

How I live my faith

My view of faith is perhaps broader than most. Churches do not have the power to save soles. God is no respecter of persons, therefore membership alone in any given church will profit people nothing. Faith must be directly with our Heavenly Father. Personally I don't like following crowds. Most often the crowd is wrong. That is why it is good to go to church to have the support of others, but in the end a personal relationship with God is what carries a person.

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

I wonder why the official answer doesn't cover "Pioneer Day". That is the church-wide holiday in where members celebrate the saints arrival in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th. Also I'm told that 40% of the world's gelatin is consumed in Utah. So it is a sure bet that gelatin is a major part of LDS culture. Oh and lastly basketball and to a lesser extent volleyball is a big part of the culture. There is a basketball court in virtually every LDS building. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

A few nights ago as a bit of a joke I looked up phrenology. That is the study of the shape of people's heads as it relates to their given lives. It was an obvious laugh fest. However at the end of the book, the author was passionate about how the study was the absolute scientific truth. To me it shows the folly of the disciplines of humanity. That is, they are subject to change. Yet faith needn't change. It can only be strengthened or weakened. The content of Jesus Christ's teachings have stood 2000 years of radical changes in humanity. When searching for answers His words are of a solid foundation as opposed to assigning meaning to bumps on a head. Show more Show less