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Hi I'm Jonah

I'm 25 with no college degree, am happier than ever before, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Despite not attending a formal university, I have tried to continue learning a lot of what life has readily available to us all. I absolutely love learning languages; connecting with people and hearing about their story. I have dived into French and Chinese in high school, Spanish I have grown up around, but Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian, were all thanks to the power of the internet! I'm not fluent in any, and most of it is at entry level, but I just love learning about others and their culture. Aside from that, I enjoy the great outdoors of Colorado! From hiking and rock climbing, to running in the winter and occasionally shooting at the range. I work on my car out of necessity, and have practically rebuilt it with the guidance of my dad, plenty of research on the internet, and a Hayne's manual. I have also done some sewing and hemming to my own clothes since I was right at that awkward size in between a men's small and a kids large. You can save quite a bit with some tailoring! But now that I'm trying to get my health in order with some weight lifting and such, I'm starting to fill-in a little! There is so much out there that God would want us to experience, to then learn from, and especially pass that joy on to someone else.

Why I am a Mormon

If not this, then what else is there? I have found for myself that I cannot be this happy without The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and by living its teachings. I have already looked elsewhere for a means to fill the void of loneliness and acceptance, when it was right in front of me the entire time. When I had felt like I had messed up beyond the point of no-return, I had remembered what others had always said in the church. That it is true, and how we come to know for ourselves is by reading the word of God; His holy scriptures. Not only have I tested that out for myself, but my goodness did it give me hope to change. And then slowly but surely, for it wasn't overnight, I have come to know that there is a God who cares for me, knows my name as an individual, loves me regardless of what mistakes I have poorly made, and especially wants to help me become a better man. Again, and again I would fall and relapse and turn inward, not reaching out to anybody. Feeling the shame that came with it was unbearable. That feeling as though no hope would ever be insight arose, and I had thought that I would remain like this for the rest of my life. But Jesus Christ already knows what that kind of pain feels like, and even more. In the Garden of Gethsemane, to being betrayed, scourged, willfully being crucified, and lastly rising once again from the dead. If there is anyone that would literally know how I felt, it was Him. There is no way I could ever claim that I can undergo all that, but what I had experienced was somewhere in the low end of His pain. He underwent all that so someone as lost, confused, and broken as I could somehow change.

How I live my faith

Day by day. From trying to better myself and to focus on the future, I can only live it one day at a time, through example, serving, and sharing. I grew up in this church, but I have never really given it a chance. I was broken and lost for a very long time. I had always wanted to serve a mission while growing up. Traveling around seemed like a great perk! But not living a good lifestyle prevented me from going. It was hard fighting for a privilege like that. I have had many nights wondering if forgoing college to first better myself, to then serve my God was even worth it. But in the end of it all, I was shown that by serving and uplifting others is the best possible way to bring joy into someone's heart. Everyday does matter, and it takes one step at a time to changing.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

To be honest, I can only answer from what I know and what I have experienced. It may be limited, but all that I do know about why Jesus did sacrifice His life, is because He loves each of us. Especially you taking the time to read and learn more about Him. Most people may know that Jesus died for our sins, and that we are now saved from them. Which is fantastic news for everyone! If anyone reads in the Bible what He undergoes, while not sleeping at all the night before and in Gethsemane bleeding at every pore; no food or water; no friends when He looked for and needed them; did not strike another person while wrongfully put into custody; tried against false claims; then sentenced to die, and much much more; we can begin to understand a bit more of His heart towards us. Because He has literally been there, He does know how we feel in the worst of times. He also knew that He would raise Lazarus from the grave, yet He still did weep with Mary and her sister. That is but one simple example of many which the Savior did experience. The scriptures are full of other events in which I definitely encourage you to read and find them for yourself, and to pray if that is true and if it really did happen. And because The Lord has been through the only path to our Heavenly Father, He most definitely knows the way. So if we have gone off course a bit, He can direct us back, and once on track again, He can help us to become more than we thought possible. Show more Show less