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Hi I'm Jeremy.

I am lucky enough to be Texan by birth, I have a passion for uplifting music, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

So, my parents found my piano in the newspaper shortly after I was baptized when I was eight years old. Almost without doubt, if I am upset or I have something really really important to think through, you can find me on that old hunk of wood or singing my heart out over a big sink full of dirty dishes. It makes me very upset to see so many talented people in this world use music to make their listeners angry or lustful or sad, when it can do so much more. It can heal, it can uplift, and otfen it can remind you of who you are - a child of God. I wish to one day become a choral music teacher because I want to take all that I've known about music, and the frustratingly wonderful (and sometimes frightening) experiences its given me, and share it with my children and everyone that I will have the pleasure of teaching. I want to show them that music is one of the greatest blessing our Father has created, and He has given us the ability to create it ourselves.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I had been raised in the Church, I did not always feel the power of Christ in my life. Very soon after becoming a teenager, I started accepting the lie that I wasn't worth His time or His love. I spent many years contemplating the idea of removing myself from this world because I acquired addictions of the spirit and mind that I was certain I would never break. They haunted my every thought and distorted the image I had of myself and others around me. They were the greatest days of my life, so far. I say this now because, through the help of my wonderful and loving Savior, I was able to break past those addictions and evil thoughts, and realize that I am a loved son of God. I have the most wonderful opportunity to share this Gospel with His children and use my experiences of pain and misery to show that there is nothing on this Earth that He can not overcome. I am thankful every day for the love He showed and shows me. I cherish those precious moments where He opens my eyes and I see and love the people around me as He does. I know this church is true, because the Spirit of the Lord has testified to me that this is His gospel with the joy and strength He lends me every day. I love the powerful courage and peace the Book of Mormon gives me every time I read it with a prayer that He will show me its answers, for it is absolutely full of them. I now know that every day is a blessing, and a chance to sing praises to Him.

How I live my faith

Now, I live my faith by constantly becoming better each day. I read the scriptures, pray, and strive to become more like Him. I am currently a full time Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and my job is to teach people about our Savior and help them come closer to Him, regardless of their membership status in our Church. I also have the role of helping others who are entering into the Church by "guiding" them through the process of finding for themselves the answers to these questions - Did the Book of Mormon really take place? Is Joseph Smith truly a Prophet? Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints the Lord's Church? Because I know these things to be true through the answer of my Father, I have the privilege of helping others do the same.