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Hi I'm Matt

I've lived my entire life in Woods Cross Utah. I love riding my dirt bike and doing anything outdoors! I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I just finished my first semester at college, where I am studding mechanical engineering. I've grown up around dirtbikes and I always am around, and absolutly love, the racing atmosphere. My passion for racing has carried over to long distance running. I've loved being on the Track and Field team and Cross Country team at my High School, and enjoyed the active life of a runner. I love exploring the world, participating in all sorts of recreational activities, and will most likely be found doing something fun and lively! I've also enjoyed building things and working with my hands. I'm very excited to be going on a mission at the end of Feburary(2013)! Hopefully after my mission I will be picking up a 2015 KTM 350f!

Why I am a Mormon

I've been born and raised in a very active LDS family. Growing up I followed my family to church, but being young, didnt understand why we need the gosple in our lives. one day as a young teenager, I discovered that I needed to decide for myself if the things the church was teaching, and the way I was living was right. I prayed to Heavenly Father, and asked him: "is this church true? should I continue to live the way the Book of Mormon instructs us too?" My memory was taken back to the times I lived in line with what the church taught. I was at peace, I felt happy, relaxed, and at ease. I noted that everytime I lived the gospel, I would instantly feel: better, more confident, and spiritually taller. I then remembered how I felt when I wasnt doing the things I should. I remember feeling angry, like I wasnt being treated fairly. I felt sharp, and quick to loose my temper, I was not happy at all. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. This is the gospel of happiness. Heavenly Father gives us the gospel to build and help us, rather than we are here for the gospel. The more I live my life in harmony with the church, The more blessings I recieve, and the happier I am. I feel full of joy, my work load becomes light, I have more time, decisions become more clear, hard times become easy, difficult things become simple, and i feel an abundance of true happiness that I know cannot be manufactured any other way than by living the teachings of the gospel!

How I live my faith

My current calling in my ward is ward missionary. As ward missionaries, the most common thing we do is break into groups of 2 or 3, and visit the less active members or non-members of the church. We knock on doors of those people, and try to express our friendship to them. We ask them how their life, family, work etc. is doing, and if we can help them with any concerns they might be having. We always invite those people to join us and others in fun activites the ward hosts. Being in a singles ward, we often have several activities a week, and really outgoing, adventourous, and funny activites planned!(such as water skiing, un-talent shows, pool parties, museum visits..etc..) and finally as ward missionaries we invite others to join us in church the next sunday to partake of the wonderful blessings this church has to offer. we let them know they can sit by us, and stay around us as friends would. Its always exciting to see others recieve the blessings and happiness this church has to offer!! I try to focus on the gospel every day. I find as I read the Book of Mormon, teachings of the Prophet, and testimonies of others: my day goes smoother, my work load becomes lighter, I am more at peace, and happier through out the day. Sunday is a special day to really focus on church, where I get the same blessings that carry through out the week! These blessings are magnified when I serve others as well. the more I follow the teachings of the church, the happier I am!

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

We come to know God, become like Jesus Christ, and become worthy of living with Heavenly Father again by faithfully living the gospel established by Jesus Christ. In the meridian of time, the new testament era, Jesus Christ organized and led his church which set forth the only way man could return and live with God again. This eternal salvation is due to the proper priesthood athority that Jesus Christ gave to his apostles, to further build His church under His direction. However, as Christ and His apostles died or were killed, the priesthood authority was lost. Christ's church ceased to be under the guidence and direction of Christ himself. However, many still sought after Christ's church, but without the proper priesthood authority, truths and key componets of Christ's gospel were twisted and manipulated, resulting in several faiths designed to suit man, rather than glorify God. The Fullness of truth was lost. In this religous calamity, many faiths and religions claimed that "only through them could man be saved." Joseph Smith was deeply confused at which church he should join, and decided that he should ask God to find out which church he was to join. Joseph Smith prayed to Heavenly Father, and was answered by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ personally, instructing him that he was to restore the truths that were lost. In following years, Christ's Church was reorganized, the priesthood was restored, and living prophets were called under the direction of Christ. Show more Show less