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Hi I'm Gabriele

I am an italian writer, musician and artist. I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ, and I am a mormon.

About Me

Art is my life. It's not just something that I know and that I use, is something that naturally comes out of my soul. Whenever I have the inspiration I start writing, drawing, composing music and whatever enables me to express my artistic vein. There is something very powerful in art that gives the feeling that is not something human, but a divine force. I like to write stories to express what I have inside of my mind, and when I finally see the result of my work, I have the feeling that I have created something completely new, like I have given life to a part of my brain. This always connects me to The Lord, the way He has created the universe, the Earth, the human race and everything that inhabits this wonderful world where we're living. Everytime I hold a pencil and I draw a sketch I can almost understand what God feels when He starts one of His magnificent creations. I live in a beautiful and inspiring town in Northern Italy, Laveno Mombello, which is beside the wonderful Lake Maggiore. Everytime I look out of my window I can experience the stunning view of the mountains that surround this area, and I can clearly see how God is here in this little corner of paradise. I'm very grateful for all the things that I have in my life, but I aspire to achieve even more amazing things in the next future. I'm very blessed for what I have and thank God every day for all the miracles I can witness in this earthly life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because I have a testimony of the truth of this Church, of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the great plan of salvation of our Father in Heaven. I was born and raised in the Church, but I decided on my own to be baptized when I was 15, in the moment when I fully understood that this was what I really wanted to do. My decision has helped my self consciousness grow because I knew that I was doing something with my own consideration. The Lord can understand what I have in mind better than anyone else, and for this reason I never try and hide things from Him, but I openly create a conversation and a communication with Him. It's so powerful and special to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because what we are taught the most is to make our knowledge and intelligence grow. We are never told that there are things we cannot understand, instead we are always pushed to get the more possible knowledge studying at school, receiving a proper education and making our studies worthwhile. I absolutely love how the Church communicates with all the people everywhere in the world using the most modern technologies, like the internet, satellite broadcasting and magazines, which are used as instruments of God for the benefit of all the people and individuals who want to receive the word of Jesus Christ. I've always admired the authorities because they talk about real and current matters, and they show us how the scriptures were written for us and not simply for the ancient prophets' times. This is an amazing testimony of the truth of the Church because I can receive helpful advice for my personal challenges, trials and experiences. I'm very grateful of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I always do my best (which is never enough) to give my fellow brothers and sisters a good example and a clear and honest testimony.

How I live my faith

I have got to know in my life that faith is very often a big surprise that I can live and experience in many different situations. For work and other needs, I have to spend a lot of time driving, and when I am driving around I always wonder how this world would be without God. There are a lot of times when I'm driving and thinking so hard about all the incredible things that surround me. This pushes me to be a better citizen, a well polite driver, a nice person to talk to and a good example for my fellow countrymen. Sometimes I do not enjoy company so much because I prefer spending my time close in my thoughts, but many and more times I really enjoy communicating with people and know more about my brothers and sisters everywhere. One of my favourite activities is to help the Elders and Sisters in missionary work. When we meet new people we can listen to their stories, they can share their emotions with us and we are able to build a friendship day by day, time after time. I like to organize walking activities to show my friends the beauty of nature in the province where I live. We go walking through the mountains, we visit the small towns in Varese province and I like to show the beauty of the Lake and all the historical places. Everytime I have the chance I'm very happy to demonstrate how proud I am of this part of Italy, and I want my friends to share the very same enthusiasm. I'm very active on the internet via social networks. I consider the worldwide web a great chance for all of us to open our minds and talk to people from everywhere on the planet. I especially like to talk to english-speaking people to improve my language skills, and I'm very active to provide help to all of those who would like to learn my beautiful mother tongue; Italian. I'm so grateful to live in a time where I can easily connect with people that are physically far from me, but close from a spiritual and personal point of view.