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Hi I'm Hillary

I'm a California girl. I possess a love for art in every way, shape and form. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My parents enrolled my two siblings and I in dance at a very young age. It was an opportunity for us to make friends and get the exercise we needed. Little did they know that we'd all become indefinitely attached to the sport. We ended our dancing days after eight years, but continue to sporadically participate in it whenever the chance arises. To this day, I do not consider myself an amazing dancer. My flexibility is shot and my ability to choreograph is limited. Nonetheless, I find dancing to be an ultimate form of stress release in my life. It stimulates a particular happiness in me that I can rarely find anywhere else. My affinity for the performing arts does not end with dance. After choosing to be part of a high school musical my senior year, I fell head over heels in love with musical theater. Singing show tunes is one of my all-time favorite pastimes. I belt them in the car, in the shower, and even walking around outside (assuming I'm alone). No, I'm not the best singer. But I dream of one day taking the stage again to perform in a musical. God also opened my eyes to another art form - architecture! With my talents falling short of becoming an architect, I've chosen to direct my paths toward the real estate industry. Here, I can still be surrounded by the architectural elements of style, design, and construction. I recently graduated from college in Business Finance and hope to use this degree to discover a career in real estate acquisitions or development.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I find a peaceful comfort in doing what is right. All my life, I have labeled myself as the opposite of a "risk-taker". As far back as I can remember, I tended to stray away from any opportunities that could possibly get me into trouble or even seemed a little dangerous. Though as I grew older, I realized that this cautionary (not cowardly) attitude was a gift from my Heavenly Father. I quickly remove myself from those situations that prove even slightly rebellious, always being content with my decision no matter the situation's outcome (consequential or not). I know that my gift of discernment has and will lead me in the right path - the path of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon because I know that God is the same... forever. Would our Heavenly Father establish an order of prophets, apostles, and priesthood authority as documented in the scriptures, only to have it not exist in future dispensations? No, because He is unchanging. The scriptures also tell us that God is not a respecter of persons. Would He then send His precious Son to Earth to have Him preach only to those residing in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas? No, the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ's ministering to the ancient people of the Americas as well. With His unchanging ways and countless blessings, I sincerely know that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me. I'm a Mormon because I believe in being a good person. None of us are perfect, and I especially know that of myself. When I discover that I've hurt someone's feelings or destroyed his or her spirit in any way, I am filled with the deepest sorrow. I know this saddness is a reminder from the Lord to change my ways and make it right with that person. Jesus Christ was the ultimate exemplar of love. He healed the sick, He raised the dead, and He washed the feet of those who followed Him. Why wouldn't we want to emulate One who delivers such compassionate service? It will forever be my goal to become like Christ.

How I live my faith

I have recently been called to serve a religious mission in the Washington DC South area. The decision to embark on this journey was not an easy one. I had absolutely no desire to go on a mission until I was around 20 years old. At that time, I had two roommates preparing for missions, one of which was a convert to the Church. She helped open my eyes to how blessed I was to have this gospel and how there are others out there who are seeking it, but don't know where to look. I knew then that I had a responsibility to find these people and assist them in discovering the true and everlasting happiness that is the gospel. Having previously been a very school-driven and career-oriented girl, I tried to imagine a life after college without having served a mission. It was impossible. The outlook I once had of moving on to find a job and living on my own was simply not there. With that, I finally understood what God had planned for me, and I cannot wait to serve His children by directing them back to Him. I live my faith by continually trying to follow God's commandments. Through the power of prayer, I am able to communicate with my Heavenly Father and know for a fact that He is listening. Through scripture reading, I am opening myself up to revelation by the Spirit and learning what the Lord would have me know. Through sabbath day observance, I am partaking of the sacrament and renewing the covenant I made at baptism to always remember the Lord. Through temple attendance, I am serving those who have passed on by performing their ordinance work and extending them the opportunity to return to the presence of God. And through repentance, I am asking the Lord for forgiveness of my sins, so that I may grow to be a better person and more Christ-like each day.