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Hi I'm Elizabeth

I am a student, an over-achiever, a ballroom dancer, an optimist, and a lab technician. I love life and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a college student studying biological engineering with a pre-med emphasis. I am always finding a way to challenge myself, so this degree fulfills that requirement. I want to make a difference for this world in a good way. I work as a laboratory technician doing research in searching for genetic markers for autism. I love to eat all kinds of foods, especially ice cream. I am always finding new things to try from sushi to gymnastics (even when I couldn't do a cartwheel, much less a hand stand, but I learned). I love experiencing other cultures; thanks to a wonderful Korean roommate my favorite candy is a Korean walnut soft candy, unfortunately I can't buy it at the local grocery store. I enjoy reading, swimming, jumping in puddles, and dancing in the rain. I am always looking for a new adventure and I believe in living life to its fullest.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon by choice. I have read The Book of Mormon and prayed to God to know of its truth. I received a beautiful spiritual witness that spoke peace to my mind and heart that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and supports the Bible. I truly believe that anyone that sincerely wants to know about this church can do the same: read that book and pray in faith, and they will receive an answer just as I did. I love the direction that this gospel brings to my life. I am able to keep a bigger perspective daily, knowing that my life is a part of a grander picture. This church has given me the answers to the questions: 'Where did we come from?' 'Why are we here?' and 'Where are we going?' I have a purpose here. I have a testimony that this church is true and it brings light into my life. It brings an indescribable joy from living its principles. I have a knowledge that I will be together again with my family, the people I love most, after this life. I am grateful for the opportunities that I am presented with because of my faith.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through the choices that I make everyday. I am constantly working toward building my relationship with my Heavenly Father by prayer and scripture study. I also watch for small and simple ways that I can serve the people around me, such as shoveling out a friend's car from the snow, or helping my neighbor carry groceries into her house. I live my faith as I volunteer my time and talents toward whatever calling I am asked to do based on the current needs of my ward. I've organized group activities and spiritual thoughts, or taught Sunday school lessons to 13-year-olds, or coordinated communication to the entire ward. Every month I visit a couple of women in my ward and build friendships as I share spiritual thoughts and serve them. Currently I am serving a full-time mission in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro (countries located in Eastern Europe) to share with anyone who will listen, the wonderful joy that has come into my life and can readily come into theirs as well. To do this I am putting my schooling on a temporary "time-out" and using my own time and expenses to focus 18-months of my life on service to the Lord. I would not have been able to lead the life I live without His help and continued blessings. I am continually seeing God's hand in my life as He helps me miraculously learn Albanian in only nine weeks. It is astonishing to me to see how much I have learned, but I know it is only possible through the power of God.

What is being a Mormon like?

In one word: wonderful. Being a Mormon to me is that everyday when I wake up, I remember that I have the most powerful being in universe, even our Supreme Creator, who is God, on my side. I have the knowledge that He is literally my Father in heaven, and that He really does want the very best for me. Every individual is different, and being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is different for everyone. I have unique talents and abilities that I am able to apply to the world around me, just like any other person regardless of their faith. However, one thing that is similar for all Mormons like me, is that we have something called the gift of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we call this Holy Ghost the Spirit, or the Comforter. If I live righteously (if I follow the commandments given by God through His servants, the prophets, and contained in the scriptures), I can have the Holy Ghost with me all of the time. This is special because I can receive direction and guidance just for me in my day to day living! The Spirit has many capabilities: he can comfort us in times of trial, warn us in times of physical or spiritual danger, bring to our minds remembrance, witness to us God's will for us, and help us in many other capacities. Show more Show less