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Hi I'm Benjamin Smith

I'm a Mormon

About Me

While meeting a new person I am frequently asked what I do for a living, when I answer that I am an agronomist, I am then questioned with a puzzled face and a request to know what an agronomist does. An agronomist is a crop and soil scientist. In my work, I care for nearly 2 million Almond and Pistachio trees. It's my job to make sure they have just enough water in just the right time. I love to see the miracles of life as I see the trees grow and produce healthy food for others to eat. After I left home, got married, and didn't have my mom to make meals for me I discovered that I love to cook. I love to come home on the weekends, give my wife a break and make meals for her and our daughter. Typically, the more complicated the recipe, the better. I think I make mistakes and mess up the meal more than I do it correctly, but I love the process of learning and experimenting to make delicious food!

Why I am a Mormon

I believe with all my heart that this is Jesus's Church restored by God through Joseph Smith, the Prophet. However, every once in a while I think, "What if this wasn't all true?" And at the very basic level I realize that even if this Church weren't true I still wouldn't want to live in any other manner. The Church teaches its members to live a life of cleanliness and happiness. It teaches us to eat healthily and to take care of our bodies. It teaches us to love and care for our family members, neighbors, and communities. The patterns we are taught lead us to happiness and joy. However, it isn't just a good way to live, it is the one church on all the earth that God and Jesus claim as their own. I know this because the Holy Ghost has testified this to my heart. And that is another beauty of this Church, after being baptized by someone who has the authority to do so, we also receive to Gift of the Holy Ghost, just like the apostles of Jesus time received the Holy Ghost at the day of Pentecost. This gift is indispensable to me, each day I feel its guidance leading me to make the best decisions possible and guiding me how to be a better neighbor, friend, husband, and father. And when I have a big decision to make I can always count on the Holy Ghost being there to help direct me to the best decision of all! One of the final points of our religion, is that through the power of the priesthood, which is given to worthy men in the Church, I can live with my family in the life to come, and for the rest of eternity. Ultimately, this is the goal I am striving for.

How I live my faith

For me, living my religion revolves mostly around my family. My occupation has taken me far away from my parents, siblings, and their families, so I draw close to my little growing family that is here with me. We spend a lot of time together working in the yard and learning about Jesus and his Gospel. I hope that my children can grow up with an abiding faith in Jesus and His atonement. At church, I teach the 15 to 18 year-old youth during Sunday School. They are bright and intelligent and have great questions that encourage me to keep studying and learning in order to answer them. I also work with the members of the congregation to help encourage them to share their beliefs with their friends and co-workers. As members of the Mormon Church we feel we have been blessed to be a part of the Church, but we sometimes feel scared and unsure of how to share it with the people we care about. I try to overcome my own fears and to help others learn how to share what we have as well.