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Hi I'm Rob

I was born in the USA, but Australia is where I grew up and is my home. I'm into all things computers and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an IT consultant and into science and technology. I work for myself. I enjoy science fiction - especially TV series like Star Trek and Star Gate. I'm married and enjoy spending time with my wife, children and pets. (We have three dogs, four cats and a parrot). I'm like to exercise, so I ride by bicycle, walk the dogs and play racket ball and bowling. I'm the ride coordinator for the local bike club so I organise a recreational ride every Saturday morning. I like my food too (especially chocolate).

Why I am a Mormon

While I enjoy and appreciate technology and science, I also believe there is more to life than meets the physical eye. That there is spiritual truth that can't be discerned by the mind, but only by the heart. That your heart can know things that your mind can't comprehend. And that this truth can provide the greatest happiness in life. I haven't always felt this way. At times I've looked for happiness by excelling in my work, or getting ahead financially, or by pleasing others. But in the end, these have been dead ends to true happiness. Real happiness comes from understanding who you truly are and by aligning your will with God's will, then doing His will. True happiness comes from living principles of truth, as taught by God through the scriptures and His servants here on earth. This is my life experience - that by exercising faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and by living true principles, you can have more lasting peace and joy in this life than by any other means. I'm a Mormon - and I love it!

How I live my faith

On my journey through life, I have learnt that living my faith is more important and can bring more joy than anything else I can do. Through living my faith, I come to know God and then who I really am. Through living my faith, I come to know what's important in life, so I can apply my energies and time to those things that really matter. Through living my faith, I can have real peace in this world, while there are troubles all around me. I practical terms this means that I feel God knows me and He helps me in my life. Whether it's in my work, at home, or at church - He helps me find ways to serve and strengthen others. He helps me better understand myself and the world around me. He helps me be a better person.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

This is a question I hear from many modern Christians, and I kindly explain it in this way... While the Bible contains important gospel truths, it by no means can contain all the things that Jesus taught over His three year ministry. There are many unanswered questions that honest seekers of truth can't find answers for in the Bible. This is why the Holy Ghost is required as a teacher. This is why a restoration of truth is required. This is why we need additional scripture and modern day apostles and prophets. So we can know more of what Jesus taught. Heaps more of what He taught - the more the better! The next question my Christian friends then ask is - "But didn't God say not to add to His word" (Rev 22:18-19). To which I answer... Yes - God doesn't want man to add or remove from His word, but do you think that that should stop God from revealing more to us or telling us again things that were once taught but not passed onto us? God loves us and wants us to know Him, so He continues to reveal his will and truth in many ways. Show more Show less