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Hi I'm Julio Rodriguez

I got clicked!! Woot!! So i'm a brony, gamer, otaku, artist, dancer, & singer, but most importantly, yep. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

General information of me would include I'm Mormon (who coulda guessed?), & I was born in Venezuela/Caracas, & raised in Houston/Texas from age 2 & up. I have an awesome little sister & a great mom and stepdad. So yea I'm a fan of various things & I'm passionate about it. I love hanging out with friends that share these same interests. I'm a social guy so I'm into hanging out with friends, which is something I take with me into another world called Mabinogi, a free MMORPG (Massivly multiplayer online role playing game) that I enjoy playing a lot, among other games like Super Smash Bros Brawl Yu-Gi-Oh, & the Metroid series. I also love a variety of sports, music, anime, art, & movies. Recently before I was off of my mission I became a huge fan of both My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic (All about Twilight Sparkle & Luna!!!) & Dubstep. I think the show is awesome for many reasons, (among those reasons:the elements of harmony are basically all attributes of Christ), & Dubstep (although others, even members, will disagree) is a good alternative in a sense because I don't have to worry about vulgar language & still be able to jam out to unique awesomeness. I'm an open minded, friendly person, & I'm always willing to try out new fun things if I feel it's an appropriate thing to try out. I love learning things from experienced people, in subjects like art, psychology, & science. I'm competitive when it comes to challenges, & sentimental when it comes to uplifting messages.

Why I am a Mormon

Coming to Texas I was raised in the best way my parents knew how, & then when my parents divorced, my stepdad who was a member married my mom when I was 7, & then I was taught & baptized by missionaries at 8. I was passionate about my hobbies. Too passionate. In my rebellious years of a teen I let these hobbies tear me apart from what I held once precious. I honestly have little to no memory of my childhood, and my middle school years due to tons of bullying, family problems, & a lack of friends. I regret not coming closer to Christ during those times with all my heart. Now that I have, I've met great friends, I'm assertive & can protect myself & others, & most importantly, I've learned how much my family & the Lord Jesus Christ means to me. Going on the mission, I went from grouchy, prideful, showoff to a Representative of Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints IS THE TRUE CHURCH, & I will go to my grave & beyond taking my conviction with me, & I'll have plenty of company along for the ride. I've been given the opportunity to serve a mission, where I've learned how to be frugal, patient, loving, understanding, forgiving, humble, & positive. The Book of Mormon is the essential key to learn that His Church has been restored. It was translated by Joseph Smith through the power of God. I know it to be true. I'm a Mormon because I received an answer from the Holy Ghost confirming without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, & died like a man & a Prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon is true divine scripture from God, & this Restored Church has the Authority to perform the ordinances necessary for salvation. Jesus Christ is my Savior, the Head of this Church, & my infinite gratitude and soul is all His. Although 2 years, or even over 9000 of my lifetimes wouldn't be enough to repay Him, I will serve my mission to repay all I can. As His servant, I testify all of what I said to be undeniably true with every atom of my existence.

How I live my faith

As of right now I'm serving a mission in the Texas Dallas Mission,(So far from home...LOL) and basically what that is, is a privilege, a sacrifice, and an honor at the same time. After being called by a living Prophet of God, I take 2 full years and devote it entirely to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every single person I can find in my area boundaries of the location I'm sent to, leaving all behind including family & friends. My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ through faith in Him and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. During this time I'm restricted from many worldly things to avoid distractions, and focus on my calling. I don't work, go to school, watch tv, date, and have limited internet usage and other things. Before the mission I had to round up every cent possible to pay for my own expenses during these 2 years. For a gamer this is unheard of, but the fact that I'm here makes me happy, because I was able to see what was truly important, and I almost didn't, but I'm glad I did. If you are reading this & missionaries have stopped by you & have given you their contact info, PLEASE CALL THEM. You can't disagree with a message you haven't heard, or assume you have heard. You can't eat an orange to see what a strawberry tastes like. There's as much false info on this Church as there is water on earth. I encourage you to let these hard working guys have 5-10 minutes of your time that you WILL NOT regret. Even if you disagree, be considerate of what these young men do, & give them an ear. I should know what they do. I am one! LOL Anywho, I live my faith by spreading it, being an instrument in the Lord's hands. I live it by doing all I can to keep the commandments and serving others in any way possible. I give everyone an opportunity to realize the blessings that comes from knowing the truth. The truth that His Gospel has been Restored.