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Hi I'm Chalene Foster

I'm a fun loving gal who loves animals and family! I am a missionary for the LDS Church in Des Moines, Iowa, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

There is alot about me that i could share. I love to read, shop, play sports, be in theatre, and be around family. I have loved being outside! For the past 5 summers i have worked at Webelos Scout Camp and have loved every minute! I never seemed to get enough of it! I have loved sports, both playing as well as watching! Volleyball, soccer, snow sports of all kinds, swimming, ultimate frisbie, and so many more! Animals are my passion! I volunteered at a veterinarian clinic for a long while and plan on going into veterinary sciences! I have been called to serve in the Des Moines, Iowa - spanish speaking mission! This last General conference has for sure changed my life that way and i will forever be grateful to my Lord that i have this opportunity to serve him for the next year and a half! It will help me find a love for other people! I absolutely love serving a mission and helping others come unto Christ! Testifying of the Truth of this Church is what I was called to do, and i do my best to do so with all my heart, might, mind, and strength!!! To share my own testimony and help others come unto Christ is a blessing i will never regret!!!

Why I am a Mormon

Alma 46:48 I am a Mormon through the Faith and example of my parents. They brought me up with a foundation of the Gospel. They are the greatest examples in my life! They secured me with that foundation of Christ, but then when i got older and could no longer rely on the testimony of my parents, it was time, as it was for the young men in the scriptures to find my own testimony. So i did just that. To be quite frank, i have always had a testimony, but it was when i came out on the mission that i found for myself my own beliefs and the things i know for myself to be true. I can testify that prayer is real. That our Father is really there. And He will answer you. Moroni 10:3-5

How I live my faith

I think first, with living my faith and what i know to be true, i had to first understand that we are not perfect. I make mistakes. I am totally not perfect by any standard. But I am trying. The Gift Christ gave us in the Garden of Gethsemane has and will continue to let me live my life as best i can an as happily as i can! I am continually coming to realize that Faith, Hope, and Charity are the basis foundations of living the Gospel! Confidence is so importance, and strengthening that confidence has strengthened my trust that our Father loves me and trusts me. That knowledge then branches out to so many truths that are too often overlooked! That He has trust and so much love for ALL of us on the earth. Not just a few. And that love is infinite and powerful. I live my faith by just trying, working on become better everyday, and help others do the same!

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

Chalene Foster
The Book of Mormon is the History of the Americas. When Lehi and his family sailed across the sea to America, they brought many plates with them to record their history. It was passed down from Generation, times of war and peace came and whent. Many stories of Alma, Helaman, Omni, Moroni, Mormon and many more wrote in these plates to keep the record of their people in history. When a time came when the Plates were no longer safe, they were buried in the Earth to be preserved for when the time was right to be brought to the hands of people again. Then Joseph Smith was guided to the plates and was given permision to translate them to our day and age language. Through his Faith in God, he translated this history for us to know the truth. The Book of Mormon is different from the Bible because it is another history of people. Another truth that was brought to us to study and read and know that it was from God. Show more Show less