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Hi I'm Marissa Tzorin

I'm a native Houstonian and going to serve as a missionary preaching the word of God in beautiful Argentina come February 13th.

About Me

Many people would normally think my interests are stereotypical of guy's interests. I've always preferred driving than getting my nails done, guns than purses or shoes, trucks/motorcycles than convertibles, and have always wished to go hunting someday. It could be because I was born and raised in Texas but then that wouldn't explain my eager desire to live in New York City someday. While nature is beautiful and something I'm eternally grateful for, a goal I have is to live in a city. Now I'm not completely into what boy's would typically enjoy, I very much love all types of accessories, especially those for my hair. I do like dresses, reading novels, and watching thriller films. I would like to say I'm quite the normal person!

Why I am a Mormon

I know this restored gospel of Jesus Christ contains the doctrines, knowledge, and holds the keys to eternal life. If I wasn't worth it, Christ would never had sacrificed Himself. He didn't have to do it, no one was forcing Him. But He did and for that I am eternally grateful. I love Him so very much and cannot nor ever will deny His existence because I have felt it in my heart, most especially at the time of repentance. I've felt and heard the Spirit tell me "this book is true" whenever I read the Book Of Mormon. I absolutely LOVE that book! It's just extraordinary the change in heart you can abruptly receive after reading just a couple of verses. Can any other book do that? Can any other book testify with each word that Jesus is the living Christ? What the knowledge of the gospel is, what the good news is that we have been saved by the grace. We have been given the privilege of the opportunity to repent through Christ's Atonement and go back with Heavenly Father. I've personally felt the immense cleansing of repentance, it's simply indescribable, empowering, and enormously alleviating. I've been redeemed, forgiven, a new person, all because He lovingly suffered on the cross. I cannot deny the feeling of having my sins forgiven; it was beyond beautiful and humbling. The plan of salvation..the atonement, the modern day prophets, the Book of Mormon, the temple ordinances and every other doctrine brings peace of conscience, joy, and everlasting happiness. I testify to that.

How I live my faith

While I don't participate so much with the Young Single Adults organization in church, I tell myself I make up for it with my wonderful, spectacular calling. I cannot describe enough what teaching 9 and 11 year olds has done for me over the 2011-2012 year. It's strengthened my testimony beyond any other prior circumstances in my life. What these children have taught me simply cannot be expressed. I used to dislike children my whole life until I received my calling in church to first teach 9 year olds and 11 year olds. It completely changed my entire perception of life actually. Something else I participate in-that also makes up for my lack of going to church activities-is visiting a family with the missionaries every Wednesday and Friday. This family consists of four lovely children and their two parents. Two of the children are above the age of 8 and have gotten baptized by means of the Holy Spirit testifying to them of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ while I and the missionaries were teaching them. I've bonded with them at a level I would never believe I could at any other moment in my life. I use to work at a movie theater and every chance I could, I'd take my precious kiddos to watch a kid's movie.