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Hi I'm Braden

I grew up in Utah. I love music. I am in Cambodia. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have a fantastic family. Even though my parents are divorced I have grown up in a home that is supportive of the family and of me. I have one brother and no sisters. Utah has been my home my entire life. In Utah there are many good people, many Mormons but many not. I recently took a semester of school at Brigham Young University. I am not going to college currently because I have been called to serve an LDS mission to the Cambodia, Phnom Penh mission. Music is my passion and I love to play all sorts of games.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were members of the Church before I was even born. Therefore, I have been a member my whole life. Even though I have been in the church my whole life it has taken time for me to understand that it is the true church and to gain a stronger testimony. Growing up in the church, I was leaning on the understanding and testimony of my parents. They knew the church was true and so I just assumed it was. I didn't really start understanding the church until I got to high school and realized. . . I needed to get a testimony for myself or I will always be wondering about the church. I put more effort into going to church, attending religion classes at school, and studying the scriptures and saying prayers to God asking if this is the true church. I enjoyed it so I think it helped me believe that the church was true. I hoped for it. Slowly my testimony was found. I knew that Jesus is the Christ. I knew that this church is true. And I still know it. Gaining a testimony and being converted doesn't mean you get it and stop. It is an endless process. One where we must work and endure to the end. I continue to follow the church and Christ because I know my life will be blessed more with it. I know that through the gospel that I will be happier. I am still working on my testimony of the church. I am still gaining a stronger testimony of the Lord. I know it is true and I don't want to lose any of the blessings that I can gain from it. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true Church. And I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that everyone who follows Him will be saved.

How I live my faith

I have been in several church leadership positions whether it has been in a church or community calling. I was in the seminary council for my school and helped youth prepare to learn about the gospel. I also have led priesthood holders in the church. Every week I try to attend church and participate in sacrament meeting which is the reason we attend church. I try to help provide for the elderly of the church by seeing that all the church activities are available to them. I attend an Institute of Religion that helps teach me more about the church. Institute is a great teaching tool and a great place to learn about the church. Non-members may attend Institute classes at their own respective colleges. The most important way I believe that I live my faith is through my example at school and work and in small groups. At school I try to help those who don't know about the church to learn about it. I try to speak in a clean language and to dress modestly to those around me. Being a good example in private is just as important if not more so. I do my best to be an example to those close around me. In doing so I have tried to be true to the church standards of being clean even if no one is around. Being clean to yourself and standing strong is how I stay strong in front of others.