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Hi I'm Austin Dougal

I was born to goodly parents and taught somewhat in the learning of my father.

About Me

I like fire, I like cold sodas and dirt. I don´t like rain very much, I think nuts in food is blasphemy, if I could be any animal, I would be a human, I think America is the best, I´m left handed, Specialized is the best mountain bike company, with Transition and Santa Cruz also being on the list. As much as I love the PS3, the Xbox 360 has way more games, and has Halo. I also love LotR, but haven´t seen The Hobbit yet. I want a pet chimpanzee, but I´ve heard they rip your face off if you´re not careful. Cold weather is the pits, but humidity also sucks. One thing I don´t eat enough of is baby back ribs. Grape Fanta also has a special place in my heart, probably clogging up the left ventricle. Original Goldfish are also the best. Hawaiian Pizza is also the only good flavor of pizza out there. I also used to love playing League of Legends, but there are WAY too many noobs playing that game. So I learned to play outside games, like tennis and downhill mounain biking. Also, airsoft was fun for a while, until I became an adult, and real guns are so much more fun to use. 70s rock is also the way to go. You can´t beat Boston and Queen in terms of great music. I´ve always wanted to learn how to fence like a sir. I also smashed my right big toe, and my nail finally came off, so I´ll have to wait a whole year for the nail to come back and my foot will look normal again. I also have trouble sleeping, because my missionary companion always snores, and wakes me up. The End

Why I am a Mormon

Well, my whole family is Mormon, so I got baptized when I was 8. However, I stayed being a Mormon, not only because it´s nice and it makes you happy, but because I want to be happy even after death. Plus, the Book of Mormon is such a sweet book. And I´m going to Guatemala to tell people about our religion, so I´ll be walking around Mayan ruins telling people about Mormons. The Mayan ruins are so sick. I´m so glad I´m going to Guatemala, because I´ve always wanted to see the Mayan ruins, and now I can, while I´m teaching people about our religion.

How I live my faith

Well, for a while I had to teach Sunday School, a class where you teach Church doctrine, but it sucked, because no one ever answered questions, and they all stared blankly at me for the whole class every time. Then, for a while I helped teach 11 year old scouts stuff. I was an assistant scoutmaster. I got my Eagle in Scouts, so they made me help them, which actually is pretty fun. Scouts is actually super fun if you have normal leaders. Now, I´m going on a misson to Guatemala. I´m going to be down there for two years, and I´m super excited because Guatemala is such a beautiful country. And lots of stuff gets made down there so it´ll be cheaper than in America. Plus, I´ll be teaching people there about our religion, so I´ll be helping people be happy in their lives. Pretty sweet.