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Hi I'm Pearl

I'm Canadian. I run a home daycare for infants and preschool children.

About Me

I'm the Mom of three children and Grandmother of two children. I truely love being a Grandmother! I love little children so running a home day care is great for me and as an added bonus I'm more available to my grandchildren. I like to read, especially historical novels. Even though I'm not a very fast reader and there are often lots of interuptions, I still enjoy it. My grandson is also an avid reader so sometimes I read (and enjoy) books that he has read. It gives an added shared interest. I used to do lots of gardening until the arthritis in my hips got too bad. I've had one ip replaced and it's sooo much better! I still have a couple little flower gardens and lots of indoor plants. We have a east-facing porch that the flowering plants love. I really like helping my husband with home renovating or improvement projects. My favorite part is demolition! I also like watching TV with my husband even though his tastes aren't the same as mine. I've learned to enjoy police and detective and science fiction type shows like Fringe, NCSI, and Bluebloods. Visiting friends and helping them clean and organize spaces is also a pet hobby. They think I'm doing them a huge favour but it's really fun for me. I wish I enjoyed doing my own spaces as much! I love doing things at church, whether it's teaching, cleaning, or decorating. It feels so great to help.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I learned that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is actually the same church that Jesus Christ himself organized while He was on the earth. He is the head of it and has given His authorization to it. I found out about the church when my three childen were teenagers. I had been brought up to believe in God and Jesus Christ and go to church and read the Bible. I was baptized into the United Church but it later changed some of it's teachings and my parents didn't feel that these teachings were in agreement with the Bible so we joined the Baptist church. At around twelve years old I was baptized by immersion into that church. It was great learning the teachings of the Bible and certainly prepared me well for life but when I discovered boys and was on my own I left it all behind. Life became full with work, marriage, and children. I really tried as the children grew to teach them right from wrong but I wasn't even sure I really knew anymore. I felt like there was no support for what I knew was important to teach them. I was becoming very discouraged and wondered, if I couldn't do a good job of raising my children and be happy with my husband, then what was the use of my life. I felt there was no purpose in my life at all. Then a friend of mine ordered an LDS video for a gift for his sister and her family. When the missionaries delivered it they began teaching him about Jesus Christ and the gospel. He knew that I had a religious background and knew the Bible so he phoned me and told me some of the things he had been learning and asked if that was what the Bible said. I told him what I thought and then had some questions for him to ask the missionaries. After a couple times of doing that he introduced me to the missionaries so I could ask my questions directly. As I learned and read The Book of Mormon and attended church I knew this is indeed Jesus' church and I learned what the purpose of my life truely is.

How I live my faith

At this time I am the leader of the women's organization in church. Sometimes I teach but mostly I just help plan activities that I hope will be of benefit to those attending. I try to touch base with as many of the women as I can each month by phone, visits or cards. I don't have e-mail but I'm sure that would be very helpful. This year we have a great variety of activities planned: family history research, zumba and nutrition class, a garden party, and a cleaning and organizing workshop to name a few. Sometimes I assist others in their assignments which I secretly enjoy much more than being in charge of anything. I'm always amazed at how quickly and efficiently things can be done when everyone woks together in a spirit of love and cooperation. In the past I have been the leader of the children's organization in the church. Now that's fun and sooo rewarding! I've also spent a short time in the Young Women's organization. For me that was the most challenging of anything I've ever done. I just felt so responsible to those girls! Visiting the women of the church is the best! I learn so much and feel so refreshed in spirit and even physically. Even when they are struggling and I can just give some encouragement and help them to see how much God loves them and how they can feel that love I seem to be lifted too. I don't know how that works but I know it does. Another thing I truely love to do that has that same effect is going out with the missionaries to help teach people the gospel of Jesus Christ. I always feel sooo happy and full of light after! That's how I feel after attending the Temple with my husband too. Even if he's not able to attend, being at the Temple is the best!