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Hi I'm Alex Whedon

I believe in helping others and using talents. I believe being strong in faith will make you strong in life.

About Me

I am interested in following the example of Jesus Christ and the welfare of men. I was brought up to do well and love people. I have been blessed with a good amount of friends and family, whom I love deeply. I believe in developing my talents to their fullest and using them to help people. I play basketball, tennis, cross-country, track and ride bikes. I also play all styles of guitar, piano, trumpet, ukulele, and I love to sing. I believe in the freedom of people, and protecting those freedoms. I believe in living according to your faith, and living according to what you know. I also believe it's important to learn about what you should do and who you should be. I have had a testimony of the Gospel since youth, but throughout the years I have strengthened it by experience. I believe that the Book of Mormon, The Bible, The Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants are the words of God through his prophets. I know they are true, and have blessed me. As it says in 2nd Nephi 33:10, "...if ye shall believe in Christ, ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ...", and I have seen in my own life by acting on them, "...they teach all men that they should do good." I have a testimony of Christ's atoning sacrifice and the importance of exercising faith on Him and following him, for blessings in this life and the next. I believe I will be with my family together forever, as long as I continue to the end. I am looking forward to a great life.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe in Jesus Christ. His gospel has been a blessing in my life, and I have faith that his atonement has paid for my sins, and I can be clean as I strive to follow him. This is something I have felt work in my life, through peace and forgiveness, and seen work through change to be more like Him. I live in a time where I can have the blessings of the restored Gospel on the earth. This is the true Church of Christ, because he is actively leading and guiding it through His Prophet, and His Spirit. I have learned from following the words of the Prophet and the Promptings of the Spirit. God has restored His authority to the Earth, to act in His name and bind on Earth and in Heaven. I have been shaped and blessed by the wonderful council and example of my parents, and have enjoyed my relationships with all my family above all others in this earth. These wonderful, blessing relationships can extend beyond into the Eternities. We too can have an eternal family and express our love for them in the same way that God does right now. From reading the scriptures we can come closer to God, and learn more about Him than any other books. They answer the questions of the soul, as well as how to live His Gospel in our lives. Rich blessings come from reading the words of all the prophets, and I am grateful for the restoration of wonderful scripture in the Book of Mormon. I invite anyone who reads this to come to know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and make it a part of their lives.

How I live my faith

I believe in serving others. I believe in learning about the gospel, sharing it, and living it. I believe in Christ. I believe while on this earth, we are tested to see if we will come obey Christ, and also in how we use what we have been given. I am grateful for a wonderful family, and hope that I have treated them well. I beleive in using our talents. I enjoy many sports, and art, music in particular. I made it a point to teach myself how to play well every instrument possible and so far it's been a somewhat successful venture. However, I find the greatest enjoyment when created music that gives people good feelings, inspires, and helps to motivate to live worthy lives. I have enjoyed singing church music with choirs, but I also enjoy writing hymn arrangements on guitar. It has become an easy and friendly way to spread the gospel. It also soothes me in times of stress,... and boredom. I beleive all talents can be consecrated for the use of helping to spread the Gospel. I believe in learning about my religion, so I can live it better, share it better, and know it better. I enjoy reading the scriptures, and those of us who have read them, know we have been commanded to hear the words of the prophets. The scriptures will give you answers to questions you could find no where else, and bring you closer to God. I enjoy friendships, and believe there is a lot to be said for them. I think that within them people can strengthen their faith and each other. As I have developed talents and learned how to better deal with people, I have had times where I have alot of friends. However, being popular isn't always important, some of the best friends I have had and my most joyous experiences, expecially when I was younger, were with those who constantly mistreated by others. As we learn to serve our fellow men, we recognize true religion in our own lives. Friendships are one of the best places to apply this principle. Ask me about the Gospel, I'd love to help.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Alex Whedon
The Book of Mormon tells us of the visit to the people in the Americas of the Resurrected Christ. Ancient rophets in the Americas preached and prophecied of coming of a Christ for six hundred years before his birth. Closer to his birth, they prophecied that he would visit them after his resurection. After Christ was crucified and resurrected, and again visited the Jews, he finally fulfilled these prophecies and promises, and visited these people as well as delivered the Gospel to them as he had at Jerusalem. These people in the Americas are the "other sheep which are not of this fold" he described to his disciples, many of whom did not understand. Through the Book of Mormon, we now understand this saying. The visit of Christ to the Americas can be read in chapters 11-26 of 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. I would encourage anybody who has asked this question to read them as they are a beautiful and touching testament of Christ, and a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Show more Show less