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Hi I'm Riley Campbell

I grew up in Wellsville Utah, I'm serving a 2 yr mission in Edmonton Canada and I so love it! It's fantastic :D and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

The biggest part of my life is my family and friends. They mean the world to me, and I am so thankful to always have them there for me, no matter the problem, or success! My most favorite part about the gospel I live is God’s Plan of Salvation for us. As a missionary, we are able to teach this plan to anyone who will listen, and it’s something I really like to share with people! Being able to know where we came from before our life on earth, why we are here, and where we are going after we pass on is something that brings such peach, joy and comfort into my life. At home, I really enjoyed anything that involved being outside, especially in the mountains. I really want to get into snow shoeing when I get back- being in Canada for two years, go figure eh- and whenever there is no snow, I want to find every dirt trail up Logan canyon and bike them when I am not busy with work and school. Also back home, though I didn't do it a whole lot, I really enjoyed going up the canyon whenever and taking pictures of all the cool things I see. My brother and I both like to do that, and it's something I can't wait to do with him more! Everyone in my family really enjoys being outside and doing something, and it's so much fun!

Why I am a Mormon

That’s a really good question, why I am a Mormon. I grew up in this religion, and doing so I never really learned about any of the others. It wasn’t until my brother left on his mission that I decided that it was time that I really found out if this was something I actually wanted to be part of my life. So I did something that changed my life forever. And it was something that I was asked to do ever since I was young, it was to read the Book of Mormon by myself, and pray to see if it was a true book from our Father in Heaven. When I did, I felt that it was true, and I know the Holy Ghost told me. Then after a few months I did that, I left on my mission to Canada. As a missionary for my church and it has continued to change my life immensely! I have had the opportunity to meet so many people while being in Canada, and seeing them become a part of my life, and me being able to help them learn more about Christ and His gospel and His restored church has been such an amazing blessing that I never thought it could be! I’ve met so many people, missionaries that serve around me, members of our church, and people in general, that have been able to shape me into a person I love to be :D. Being on a mission has really helped me see for myself how God’s hand is in just about everything. We just sometimes seem to not see what He does for us, and wonder why. The miracles I’ve seen while I have served my Father in Heaven are things I wouldn’t trade for the world. One of the best things as a missionary is going and just giving service, which helps people know you care about them. I love it. Being here, I’ve read the Book of Mormon even more, and now, after reading and studying it again, I know I have a better understanding of WHY it is true. It has helped me learn of Christ’s love for us, and how I am able to return to live with my Father in Heaven, and my Savior again one day. It is something that I know will change anyone’s life, if they only give it the chance.

How I live my faith

I would think the best way anyone could live their faith, is probably by their actions. Ever since I was 12, I’ve had assignments in my church that have helped me become who I am. I’ve done talks, and leadership roles that helped me become a confident person in what I have to say. I’ve done many service projects with my friends in my community, and I try to be an example of what this church believes. I’ve mentioned already, but I am a missionary for two years out of my life. I put life, and school on hold, and share with others the reason I am a Mormon, and give them the opportunity and tools to see if it is something they want in their lives too. When I see people around me that are going through a hard time, or trial in their life, I try to be a person that they are able to go to and rely on to help. There are times, when I just don't know what to say, but there are also times where I have been able to help and I know it was with Heavenly Father's help. I'm not perfect though, and there are times where I could have lived better in my faith. So when I reflect on those times, they help me see the potential I still have, and the potential Heavenly Father sees in me, and everyone else. He knows we struggle, and thank goodness He's patient with us.