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Hi I'm Lavender A Bureieta.

grew up in the kingdom of Kiribati, it is beautiful and welcoming! i am a mormon

About Me

i am the oldest of 3, and have my oldest brother adopted to Hawaii his name was Jonathan i love him so much with his wonderful wife and 2 young beautiful daughters. I was born in the Marshall island but grew up in kiribati, as i grow up i learn how to make people smiling give them hard time,and more over helping them whenever they need me, i love out doors game mostly basket ball, football, field events and going to church with my family, i love being around people that understand the word christian. i love being a big sister and looking forward to continue school for the goal BYU Hawaii.

Why I am a Mormon

i know to be true not because someone told me to believe and be part of it, i was born in this church but consider myself a convert in the age of 19, when i felt that i needed to move forward but dont know how, well, He want me to go and share His gospel to those that most in need, i feel good about this gosple and it really guide me along the way theres some time i dont feel good about things but as long as i tried.

How I live my faith

my blessing in my life started from my goodly parents, taught me how to live and love and appreciate my life here in this time of tribulation... though patience always alvailable for me... i am grateful for my Heavenly Father that could help us to organize the church in Christmas Island in the 1999, i was 9 years old and enjoyed every minute of this time being around with members that knows and care for you, as i grew older i am beginning to see the world and know that no one will be perfect because of it, so i am searching and ask Heavenly Father how could i be perfect like Him? well, i have seen alots of members honoring there calling and always happy even when times of difficult, i know they are faithful to the end, eventually i was called to be a Young Women 2nd counsellor, Branch missionary, seminary teacher, visiting teaching and Primary teacher, by those calling i can see myself improve as i magnify those callings and know how to serve members of the Church of Jesus Christ in this last days, go along with that, i have the opportunity to do Census Population in my own island including Fanning Island and Washington Island close by. i have been blessed with experienses that i have to know how much God love all of us despise our weeknesses. i am stand here on my two feet and testify that God is the God of love.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Lavender A Bureieta.
He is a humble and noble man in the history of this church as known by a special book which called the Book Of Mormon. he is the real seeker of the truth, he is a seer and revelator of our days in this last dispensation. He was a man of God been called to restore once again His church that all men can know how to prepare themselfs and there families to meet with Him again after this life. He is a faithful man throughout his entire life that endure all the pains and suffering that we may know the true principle of the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His curiousity change the lives of many people that accept the invitation to come unto Christ by entering the water of baptism to be a citizen of His restored church. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Lavender A Bureieta.
i believe that we have the greatest gift that no one can take it from us as well as our Heavenly Father... and that is our free agency those who understand this two words meaning they will come to know, feel that God loves is infinite and that He want us to be happy and have joy in this life and prepare ourself to return back and live with him once again... when our time is over here on this beautiful universe... the gift to choose according to our own will is the way for happiness and well, missionaries went or will go to serve sacrifice those 2 years and 18 month not because someone force them or it is the requirement but because they know by having the gospel in life will help us prepare ourselfs after this journey... they know and understand why they are here in this world.. and because they truly know and understand the meaning word DISIPLES OF CHRIST... they are fool of love and because of that love they put in action which why they need to go and that they will continue to be followers of Christ for the rest of there lives... it is REAL LIFE!!!!!!!! no one can do this but YOU... Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Lavender A Bureieta.
well, i believe in the resurrection which means all people will rise again from the dead and stood in the judgement bar of God. it is wise to do baptism for them because i think about our brethren long time ago even before after Adam they pass away without the knowledge of this gospel the gosple of Jesus Christ which contains the covenant made through baptism to fulfill all righteouness. they dont know that. and why then baptism for the dead if the scripture said that without being born again we cannot enter into the kingdom of God? this is the work for them of course they cannot do baptism as in spirit. we do that on behalf of them. the last 2 verses in the book of Malachi. Show more Show less