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Hi I'm Tauni Ackerman

Idahoan born & raised. My mascot is a potato! I love having "too much fun". I'm a missionary. I love adventures! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I really love to do anything that is fun! I love to go snowmobiling, hiking, biking, playing sports, movies, music. I really enjoy socializing, meeting new people, and entertainment.. A good laugh, a pringle or two with a handful of gummy bears will suffice! I grew up in the best place of Shelley, Idaho, where the potatoes roam! (Even our mascot is a potato! Its alright you can laugh.. I think its cool!) I love it there and I just love coming up with jokes and making people smile. I have been in music since before I can remember but what I really love is to just always be having an adventure! I am all about being crazy, funny, entertaining and not caring who is watching! I've had my struggles as everyone has.. but Jesus has my back and I love my Brother! But I was truly born loving to serve and loving to love! :) God's Children are so precious to me and I will do anything to remind them of their eternal worth! I know it sounds a bit clique but, I really have a love for spending time with people and really sincerely, caring for those people around me. I love to share what I believe and I love to be friends with anyone and everyone! It's hard to find me without a smile on me face and most likely a sarcastic joke in my pocket! What can ya do? I love my life, my family, and Christ's Gospel! And I will share it with anybody within my reach. I generally take life one day at a time and I strive to love every second!

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon. I try my hardest to be the best I can be and while doing so, I am on the road to becoming the person I want to become. I love having a gospel that I can fall back on. I have standards that are high, and I have limits that I must keep. I think that being a member of this church is really such a blessing. I feel my Saviors love and I know that, even through tribulation.I can learn, grow. and become better and stronger. Can you imagine? The day when we get to see the end result of all the good and bad times? When we get to really be with all of our loved ones!? I am so excited for when that day comes. I feel like my testimony and commitment to this church is always being renewed. I know that Christ lived and died for EACH and EVERY PERSON! HE loves you and HE loves me. We must show each other service, true love, and kindness everyday to continue His works and His Spirit through all we do! I know that the Gospel is truly from God and it is an inspired and beloved church that He holds close to His heart! Prayer is a awesome thing that we have to help us communicate with our Heavenly Father and He wants to help, lead, guide, and direct us top fulfill our destinies! I love this Gospel and every single person within or not within this Gospel! The Gospel is true! And if I show that to every person I meet and continue to nurture and progress that knowledge, nothing else matters than to do what My Savior before me has done! Thus, I am a Mormon because it makes me who I am!

How I live my faith

There are many ways I could live my faith! I am a firm believer of active faith! I just really love to really show people the kindness and love that everyone deserves and I try to make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face, and hopefully I can change those peoples life's that I come in contact with. To live our faith is to live like Jesus Christ would. I mean, that is our faith, isn't it? I love to tie the gospel in with all that I do to show that the Lord loves every one of his children, and I try to stay positive in all that I do, to show those around me, that even through hard times, you can find happiness, hope, and joy. I live my faith by my works, and with a smile on my face and I love to share joy and my faith with anyone that can hear! The church is true and I stay true to the Gospel! :) True is the Faith, stay true to yours! :)

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Tauni Ackerman
Mormon women are just like any other women. We like to go to movies, have girls night, and have fun! Of course, we just live within reason! We believe that our virtue is very important to keep clean and we treat our bodies as a sacred and pure. We like to also keep our thoughts clean and pure so we refrain from watching, talking, and even thinking about things that makes us impure. It is the same for the men of the church! They can have just as much fun! Camping, motorcycling, movies, dating, and etc. We believe in equality between a man and a women. We just play different roles and have different responsibilities in the family and in the world, BUT we are to SUPPORT each other and, by doing so, everything is balanced out! Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Tauni Ackerman
Yes! We really do believe that there is a prophet today! If we had prophets like Moses, Adam, and Abraham, why not have prophets today! God wouldn't stop talking to His children! He loves us so much that He wants us to have someone to guide us and interpret His words through a worthy servant, as a prophet! Thomas S. Monson is truly a man called from God, and He interprets Gods words for us to follow and heed, to become better and more refined saints and fellow servants along our journey of life! Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Tauni Ackerman
We believe that Families are forever! I just love my family! I can just feel a sense of happiness and peace that I have the wonderful privilege of being with my family FOREVER! We are all a part of Gods family and he wouldn't want us to go through this life alone. We believe that we are sent here to strengthen and love each other. We are able to strengthen each other. He has offered us a family as an example as a setting that we are able to learn to love as our Savior loves; to bear each others burdens, to support and encourage one another. So much joy can be found through families! We believe that we are able to teach one another. What is forever, you might ask? Never-ending, everlasting. And whether a family is together is up to every single member of the family! Oh how the Lord loves us and this Gospel can offer so much, especially to families. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Tauni Ackerman
Well. I feel like there is many evidences that there is a God. One, and one of my favorites, is nature. :) When I go outside I can feel the sun on my face and warming my body. I feel through that I can feel a warm hug from my Heavenly Father. When I hear the birds in the trees, and I see the green, I feel like God is singing me a song, and that my Heavenly Father has given us a beautiful world to look at. And like it says in the Bible, "..the whole earth is full of his glory." If we look around and just have that prayer on out heart asking, "God, are you there? Are you real?" Just like through the experiences I have had, I promise you, HE IS THERE! :) And what better way to see than through the beauty of all the little blessings around us. God is real. He loves us. The church is true. Show more Show less