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Hi I'm Larry McClatchey

Before becoming a Mormon, I was Atheist but after a horrible event in my life, I felt wrong and set out to prove it.

About Me

I am an IT System Specialist, but reciently have had to file for Disability, due a past accient when I was younger. My joints are failing slowly, but there is not much that can be done about it. When I had to quit, my wife left me and took all the kids away from me. Someday when I find a lawyer that will work for father's rights and is brobono and with a big heart, I can give what my kids want more that anything and that is to live with me. I have lost a lot in the last year, but I keep getting back up everytime. Sometimes getting up took a while, but without Heavenly Father and Jesus grabbing me by my arms and helping me to stand and hearing the cheers of my kids, I probably at one time just laid there. I am determented that if he is not going to give up on me, there I would be ashamed to give up on him.With out this church there is nothing that is not possible, it may not take long, or it could feel like an etornity but either way, prayer, on your knees, out load, in the quiteness of your room, in the middle of a clearing, no matter where, a heart felt pray will never be unheard.

Why I am a Mormon

when you grow up a child that is well not so greatly taken care of, and you are beaten, you starve, and feel a sadness in your heart for the actions of those in your life that are causeing it and you refuse at the time to ever believe that this is what you are suppose to do to treat people, you just clam up, take it, but in your head you know, in your heart you know. Sometimes you forget and for a short time you do become just like them to make things easier for your self. One day something every bad happened to me and I know I should have been dead, no one knows how I survived, but I did and I KNEW I was going to without a shadow of a doubt. Three of us were in a very bad car wreck, all of us were through at 75 miles per hour. One person flew out hit her head straight on and died instantly. The other person, rode the jeep as it flipped four times end of end (hood to rear bumper), he feel out on the end and was barely alive. I was in the back laying down, I will always remember the last words of my dieing friend, it is etched in my brain forever and ever. She made a quick prayer, I was the one the received the answer to the that prayer. As my body was beeing beaten, twisted,crushed, slashed, ripped apart. There was a warm feeling that totally came over my body and she cradeled me and I could free the warmthe from her personage pretecting me. I was instatantly calmed down and hugged this personage back. I have never felt so save and secure in my life. I could not understand what had happened to me and it took me several years to try and figure it out. I looked at many churchs, but none of them gave me that same feeling until I got a book of Mormon and started to read. the same warm protective feeling was back and I knew that my Father had guided me to the right place after all those years. I searched for 5 years until I found the one that was right. Thank you Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost for their guidance

How I live my faith

I wake up everyday thanking Heavenly Father and the Son that I am still alive. I thank them for my children, even though they are not with me. I ask that if maybe someday that my ex-wife heart would be softened enough to wan to put our family back together. I ask for the strength to make it though the day with a smile on my face. This can be very hard for many reasons. The hardest is seeing the kids playing with their families. It is a great bless to watch, but breaks my heart not to be with mine.I have asked many times why I am to go through with this torchment and the longing to be with my family. It is hard, but I always hear the laughter of the kids with their partent and my heart has been filled with more excitment for those children and it helps for a short time to put my own aside and even play with them if they like...after all a child only get one childhook, thank you President Carter for that saying I will never forget.