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Hi I'm Norm

I'm the 6th of 12 children. I love life, spending time with family and friends, skydiving and baking. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I love life! Growing up in a large family meant that there was always someone around. I am now a husband, father and grandfather. We live close to the mountains and so many of our family traditions have been to spend time at the cabin. Our favorite activities are frisbee golf and board games where we get to laugh and interact with each other, the winner gets to put their name in the box! We also love to travel and see other places, both near and far. As an adult, I have worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years and enjoyed helping others, but my favorite time spent is finding opportunitites to volunteer (the Olympics, theater, museums and church). I love serving with the youth as they are so excited about life. In my spare time I enjoy baking or cooking in a dutch oven, especially while camping. As long as I am surrounded by people, I am the happiest.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child, it always made sense to me that there was a God. I was however confused as to how to include Him in my life. As the years went on, so did my search to better understand Him. I was raised a "Mormon", but thought to myself that perhaps the truth was somewhere else. I heard the story of Joseph Smith who, like me, wanted to find the truth about religion and so I did what he did... I attended other churches. While they were all good, they seemed to lack the feelings that I felt when I attended my Mormom church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Finally, like Joseph Smith, I took my concern directly to God to ask Him where He would have me learn of divine things. And similar to Joseph Smith, while I did not see a vision, I did receive a personal witness and peace to my soul that indeed the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in these latter days through Joseph Smith and that since that time we have been guided by prophets and apostles. I have continued in this path, never looking back and being grateful for the lifestyle that it has afforded me. Continually through out the years, miracles (both small and large) have confirmed to me the blessing that has come to my life for maintaining a relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. This witness has been born to my soul and been engraven in my heart by the most powerful witness of all, even the Holy Ghost. My life has been guided, protected, comforted, sustained and blessed for my choice to embrace my God by exercising faith in Jesus Christ. I continue to look for opportunities to share my faith with others and to provide kindness, the same kindness that God has show to me.

How I live my faith

My faith in God and in His son Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life. As I put my trust in Him (through prayer and as I learn more of Him from the scriptures and inspired writting) I find direction and peace in my life. As I apply the principles taught in the gospel, I find a greater sense of happiness, especially as I am serving others. Jesus Christ is my Savior and example, I love to read of His life and I try to follow Him. This faith has also assisted my in my personal life, my marriage and in raising a family. As a family we also enjoy reading the scriptures, it is a spiritual feast to the soul. Active participation in the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" has been a strength to me and has also allowed opportunities of serving others. Whether its been teaching a class, working with the Boy Scouts, participating in youth conferences or presiding as a leader (bishop) over a congregation, I have found that there is an added measure of joy in my life by loosing my life in the service of others. When Christ was asked "which is the greatest commandment in the law?" (Matt 22:36), He responded that there were two... to love God and thy neighbor. When I have included these as the foundation of my faith, great blessings have been poured out to me. I have come to enjoy the "fruit of the Spirit" (Gal 5:22) as love, joy, peace... and goodness. Indeed this lifestyle has become a direct source of happiness. Life has not been void of challenges or trials, but in these difficult situations I have always found a resolve when putting my trust in God. In the Bible it states that "is is not good for man to be alone (Gen 2:18). While this has reference to Adam needing a companion, I also understand it to mean that mankind should never live without God. As a good friend put it, the gospel is about relationships... first with God and then to emulate that relationship with others.