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Hi I'm Makynzie Turner

I grew up in North Ogden Utah, and have lived in Utah my whole life. I am a Mormon

About Me

I am a fun, and easygoing person, at least that is what my family and friends say about me. I have been a swimmer for about 7 years and I have loved swimming, even if I am not good at staying active at it. I love being outside during the summer, four wheeling, spending time in the woods, and around the pool of course. But living in Utah the summer doesn't last for too long. I am a very accident prone person and have had my fare share of injuries and surgeries. I have been going to school for the past three years, in Logan, but I will be putting aside of my schooling to server a mission for the LDS church In the Long Beach California Mission! But after my 18 month mission I will come home and continue my schooling, and if everything goes as planned I will become a counselor. I love spending time with my family, having Sunday dinners, and playing games. I also love spending time with my friends and going on "adventures" with them. I also love spending time reading, that is if I have any time. I have had some hard times in life, but because of my faith I have been able to overcome them, and have been able to have a new outlook on life. These are the things that make up me... and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

There are many reasons why I am a Mormon. The first would be because of the Plan of Happiness. The Plan of Happiness is about how we can live with our families forever in the presence of God. In fact if we live worthily and accept God and his teachings then we can become Gods and live with our family forever. Family has meant so much to me in my life and knowing that I can live with them forever gives me so much hope. Another reason is because of the knowledge that I have of the Atonement. Many faiths know of the Atonement but they focus on how Christ died to save us from our sins. This is most certainly true, but the Atonement is so much more then that. There has been a time when I was not living Gods commandments and I was in a dark place. Christ was able to forgive me for my sins and was able to help me right that wrong, but he did so much more then that. He helped me to forgive myself which is something that I needed. He was the friend that was there when I felt that I had no other friends. Christs Atonement also helps us through hard times that we are having. He is the friend that lifts us up when we are down and he is there through our happy times also. He is the only one who knows how we feel and what we are truly going through. That is why he can help us through so much more then just our sins. He is also our advocator. All that we do is try our best and then he makes up for the rest. That is why he died for us, he died so then we could live with God again. I am also a Mormon because of the happiness that it brings. LIving the commandments that God has given us through the Gosple of Jesus Christ brings this happiness. It is something that is hard to describe but it is true happiness. You feel as if there is nothing missing in your life and that is what makes you happy. When I live this way I know that God is proud of me and I want to make him proud of me because I want to be able to live with him one day. This is why I am a member of the LDS church.

How I live my faith

I am currently attending a student ward up in Logan and I love being in that ward. I attend all of my meetings every week and I try to listen to most of what is being said. My calling right now is the activities day leader for the Relief Society. With this calling I plan the activities that the sisters in my student ward will have. I love being able to help plan them because we get to add a spiritual thought, but we also come up with some really neat ideas to have some really fun activities. I try and attend the temple every week and I have only missed one week. While going to the temple I am able to do the work for the dead. In the LDS church we do work for the dead so then they will have the opportunities to receive the Gosple and to be able to live with God again. It is a very sacred duty that we have and we must live up to a certain standard to be able to attend the temple. Once you are in the temple you are able to feel the love that the Lord has for you. It is also a place where we can learn more about God and his plan that he has for his children. He also answers prayers that we may have while attending the temple. I have been blessed with being able to have my prayers answered while attending the temple. Other ways that I live my faith is by reading my scriptures every day. The scriptures have so many teachings in them that apply to our lives today and it is also another way that I receive answers to my prayers. I also pray every day. Praying helps me to remain close to God. I am able to talk to God about my fears, my sadness, and my happiness and I know that he listens and that he is loving and does help me if I ask him to help. These are the things that I do to remain close to God, and how I live my faith.

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Makynzie Turner
The best way to talk to someone, in person about the Mormon religion would be to talk to the members of the church. There are many who will share their beliefs with you and will answer the questions that you have about the church. If you don't know any members, you can visit with the representatives of the church. There is a form that you can fill our that will arrange for someone to come visit your home and share some of Christ' teachings and will answer any of the questions that you may have. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Makynzie Turner
The only way that you can know if Mormonism is true would be by asking God if it is. God is the source of all truth and if you ask him sincerely if it is true he will answer you. Once you get that answer you will feel peace about it. Sometimes this answer may not come right when you ask it but what you will need to do is to continue to study and he will answer you. If you listen to your heart for feelings of inspiration you will receive your answer. Show more Show less