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Hi I'm Tyler

I grew up in Utah and Kansas. I love sports and technology. I'm serving a mission in South Africa, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Tyler, and I am a Mormon. You may ask, "What does a Mormon do?", well, I'm here to say that we are quite normal. We love to do many things that everyone likes to do. I love to play basketball and soccer, and just about anything else that is athletic. I love to go see movies and play games on either the computer or a console. I also love technology, a lot. If I had the chance to go to a CES or some sort of technology show, I would go in a heartbeat. I just love messing around with it and coming up with new ideas of how it could improve, I'm just not very good at doing any type of developing or creating for that technology, and I have no idea how it all works, but some day I hope to find out. Another thing I love to do is sing. Music is a passion of mine, although I do not know how to play an instrument well enough to perform, I would very much like to learn. Music to me, is the candy of the spirit. I love it, and hope one day to be able to increase and share my talents with the world. I'm Tyler. I'm a Mormon, and I'm not weird.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was little, I always wondered why I was on this earth, what I was going to do in life, and how I was to accomplish it. Everyone around me seemed to know, and that bugged me. Having grown up in the church, I was blessed with many great friends and examples that helped me do good things and made me want to go to church. But when it came down to knowing if it was true or not, I kept quiet because I wasn't sure. I struggled with doing the right things all the time, but when there were people around me doing what was right, it was easy to make the right decisions, and I am still grateful for those individuals. Although I didn't know if it was true, I wanted to know. My answer didn't come until I joined a choir in my teenage years where all we sung was music about God and his gospel. I loved to sing, but it was always just fun. I was with my friends, we had fun, but I felt nothing in terms of a spiritual experience from what I was singing. People around me would cry during songs because they felt the spirit, but I never did. I wondered why this was. I was a good kid. I had my share of problems, but I thought I should be feeling what they were feeling. In this choir, there was a girl I liked. She always had the glow of a million stars. When she sang, she sang with energy and happiness. One concert, I looked at her, and a thought popped into my head, that what she was doing was singing for The Lord. She was singing her best, and I knew I wasn't. That concert, I decided to do what she did, sing for The Lord. I had the most amazing experience and felt the spirit so strong! It was by far the best concert our choir ever had. After that day, I tried to do everything to my best ability, as if I was doing it for The Lord. As I sang, I prayed to know if what I was singing about was true, and every time I prayed, I felt peace, warmth, love, joy, happiness, and gratitude. I found my testimony through the music of my savior Jesus Christ, and I am happy to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday. I dress well, keep my body clean, and listen, watch, and say positive and clean things. I go to church to feel peace and comfort, and the reassurance that what I'm doing is the right thing. I serve others because I know that's what Jesus would do, and because he is who I want to become. As a child of God, I know I'm not perfect, but I know that if I try, God will bless me and strengthen me so that I may combat the evils of the world and return back to the presence of my Father in Heaven, who is God. I live in a way that other will be able to see my happiness and feel it themselves so that they may know that they too are of great worth. Every being on this earth is a child of God and the worth of each soul is great in his eyes.