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Hi I'm Pamela

I'm from Kansas (though I grew up in Texas). I'm a writer, online game designer, and cat lady, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born with a chronic illness that swallowed my senior year of high school in a constant stream of doctor's visits, medical tests, and hospitalizations. While I was able to attend a single year of college, my health spiraled shortly thereafter, leaving me bedridden for months. Faced with a choice between falling into utter despair over all of my shattered and ruined dreams or trying to make some lemonade with an avalanche of lemons, I chose to startwriting a book series I'd been thinking about since 3rd grade. The writing helped me cope with the challenges my illness presented, and kept me from focusing too much upon the pain and limitations it caused every day. (Someday, when I finish all 40 books, I even hope to have them published.) Another method I use to deal with my physical limitations is gaming (Pokemon, Minecraft, Golden Sun, Runefactory, and Wizard101, to name a few), which naturally leads to an interest in making games. I've coded a half dozen or so online games (using HTML/CSS, PHP, and MySQL), some of which have been published on other websites.

Why I am a Mormon

First of all, the event that brought our family into the LDS Church was nothing short of miraculous. While the missionaries taught the basics of the LDS faith to my father, I quoted 1st Nephi 3:7 word-for-word perfectly before ever having been permitted to look inside the Book of Mormon. I'd never heard the words before, but some part of me knew them, like meeting an old friend from whom I'd been separated for years (I was only 10 years old at the time). Nevertheless, I maintain that miracles do not create faith. They may provide a temporary anchoring point for one's faith to start growing, but, if you do not build on that foundation, eventually the floods of life will wash it away. If someone asked me why I'm Mormon, I would give the same answer that Peter gave in the New Testament of the Bible when the Lord asked if he would depart with all the fickle crowds who had seen so many miracles but cared more for making a man an offender for a word than all the wonders the powers of Heaven could bring. In John 6:68, Peter replied, "To whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." Throughout my childhood, my family attended meetings at many churches, practically a new one every couple of weeks, so I've been in many different Christian churches (and all have some good to offer). Still, they all seem to suffer from the same desire to make the Lord's word, even his eternal word, have an end in some long-dead age of the past, lest the Word come too close to our modern lives and we become converted (Matt. 13:15). I believe in a God who speaks today by the same power used by Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jesus, Peter, and Paul (to name a few), and that the Old Testament prophet Amos spoke the truth in Amos 3:7. If the Lord once lived and still lives and the people are not so wicked as to disqualify us to receive His word, then there will be prophets today. The Book of Mormon shows that principle quite well, and I utterly refuse to depart from the "words of eternal life".

How I live my faith

I only recently moved to a bigger city with a ward (similar to a congregation in other faiths). Prior to this move, I lived in a remote rural town over an hour from church (and, being unable to drive and having great difficulty tolerating such long travel by car) I wasn't able to attend church regularly for many years. Instead, I gathered materials about the scriptures and immersed myself in learning as much as I could from the scriptures (both ancient and modern). I hope to have a calling in my new ward sometime soon.