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Hi I'm Holly Jones

I'm a farm girl from Arizona. I'm going to A.S.U. for Nursing. I love being creative. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up on my family farm (on the border of a big city) which consists of a 21 acre citrus grove and a few animals such as cows chickens and dogs. As such I grew up leaning how to work hard and enjoy the little things, and my best friends were my immediate and extended family. I went to a small town type elementary school and large city Jr High and Sr High schools, getting, in my opinion, the best of both worlds. I really enjoy camping, quading (atc riding), target shooting, doing nails, doodling, arts and crafts, shopping, and hanging out, and partying (mormon style) with friends and family. Growing up I had many opportunities to help in the medical needs of animals, and really enjoyed it. It may sound cliche but I love helping people and this coupled with my enthusiasm for medical practice I decided to go to school for nursing. I was really blessed to get a scholarship to ASU and am now a sophomore there.

Why I am a Mormon

In Jr High School I really struggled with depression. It was hard being good, hard living up to expectations, and hard going through puberty! Everything seemed to have it's ups and downs. My friends and social life were declining and I began hating my life. I began turning inward and dressing and acting dark and depressed. unknown to me, I actually became what was called at that time, an EMO (meaning emotional and depressed) It seemed that the only friends who still accepted me were the tougher crowd, the less religious. However now looking back my mormon friends were trying to reach out and help me but I only saw it as them judging and became offended and cut them off. I knew something was wrong and out of place. My mom took me to the Dr. and I was diagnosed with Unipolar Depression. Knowing what was physically wrong did help, but there was still something missing in my life. After a while I realized my problem was my indifference towards my religion. Through all of this, the only thing that remained constant was the Church. I knew it was true, but practicing it was the problem. And even though I struggled to participate in the gospel, it never ceased participating in my life. I was blessed more often than not and received love from countless members of my church in my area. It was hard to see at the time because I was so wrapped up in myself. But now, after cleaning up my act, getting back on track, and really participating in the gospel, I can see clearly now that the gospel of Jesus Christ can make us happy. I mean TRULY happy. There is no replacement, no earthy lust fulfillment, and no amount of "friends" that can make us as happy as we can be when we live the faith, and the plan God has made for us. He wants us to be happy, and has prepared a way for us to be so. It is hard, but it is worth it.

How I live my faith

The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that we must serve and love others. My mother and father took HUGE parts in instilling this into me. They, and Sunday school, helped me understand that we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father and that Jesus is our brother. Knowing this makes service so much easier to perform. It is a major central point for our church,and I have done a number of service projects through many youth and family activities. It is always enjoyable and rewarding to help others. There is also much more to being a member of this church. It is simply a way of life. I hold my standards high and do not let anyone bring them down. There are many temptations to lower my standards just a bit, just one questionable party, just one short skirt, just one extra piercing. However, understanding that I am a daughter of God helps me know what is expected of me, and helps me be strong enough to say no. It also helps me know my worth and makes me want everyone to come to an understanding of God and Christ's love for them. I have always wanted to serve a mission, and help spread this knowledge, but the age for women to serve was 21. so my plan was to work straight through school and get into the nursing field as quick as possible. Then, go on a mission when I turned 21. But in the October general conference 2012 the prophet, President Monson, announced the new age for missionary work for women to be 19. Right then and there I knew that's where I needed to be. so i got a scholarship deferral and am working towards the mission. I have been called to serve in a California Spanish mission and leave February 20 2013. (and come to find out some of my distant relatives may live in the area I've been called to.) I am so excited to help spread the gospel, serve others, and bring them to Christ.