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Hi I'm Steven

I'm a student at Brigham Young University. I love rock climbing. I'm a returned missionary. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Howdy howdy! I love people. It is so much fun to get to know strangers and understand a bit of their life story. To develop friendships and learn about new things. This love is responsible for my passion for languages. While they are indeed challenging at times, there are not many things more thrilling to me than conversing with someone in a foreign tongue. Currently, I am really good at English, know a modest amount of Japanese, and have dabbled in Chinese, Spanish, and some Native American languages. I absolutely love the outdoors and taking care of my body. Being fit is so much fun because it means that I can do the things that I love, like rock climbing, wake boarding, skiing, hiking, really long obstacle races like Rugged Maniac and Tough Mudder. Since I was nine, Tae Kwon Do has been a large part of my life. The defense practices and life lessons I have learned there have been invaluable to me. One of the greatest things about fitness is that I can always improve. Being a student at Brigham Young University is certainly overwhelming at times, but overall, wonderful. I love learning about how the world works, especially our own bodies. I am studying exercise science, and preparing to go to medical school. Despite the heavy course load I find myself with often, I have found that with some planning, and the discipline to follow through, a balance between academics, social life, a job and church responsibilities can be reached. So many great experiences.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were both Mormon when they met and were married, and thus my siblings and I were all born and raised with the teachings of the church. As such, never knowing anything else, we were receptive to the gospel and it just always seemed like common sense. In high school, I really began to see the consequences of a person's choice from those around me. The commandments and gospel teachings that I had always took for granted and lived were challenged, and I observed others who chose a different way of live either by choice or by being unaware. I saw physical health and academic performance plunge when drugs were being used. I saw relationships shredded and the seeds of hatred take root when virtue, chastity, and integrity where compromised. I saw the selfishness and greed take over while love and charity suffocated. All of this built a state of misery and sadness with those who chose this way of life, though it could only be seen deep down. In contrast to this, I saw how happy I was, even though I wasn't ever the popular one or had very many good friends. My problems seemed manageable, and I tried to help those I saw around me facing these bigger-than-life issues. I wanted to be there for everyone, and didn't want to get caught up in one side or the other. I could see the consequences of actions, but still endeavored to be there for these wonderful people, to let them know of a better way of life through my own way of living. I wanted to let them know that I still cared and loved and wished them the best, no matter what. High school was the start. Since then, I have seen instances like this over and over in many different places. I know that the principle of the gospel make us free by allowing us the most options to choose from. I know that Jesus Christ is responsible for all of my blessings, and that by walking after Him, I will continue to overcome challenges and be able to help others. He is my strength and my light.

How I live my faith

Currently, I assist the leaders of one of the auxiliary organizations within a singles ward in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Even though I may not be doing as much as I may have been in the past, I appreciate the lessons that I am learning about how to lead from those I assist. I have had wonderful leaders, teachers, and role models to study and learn from, and I am glad for the opportunity to help them in their responsibilities, for they have many more that I do. I am also a home teacher, and visit two women and two men in the church with my partner. I love this responsibility, because I can become a part of people's lives, learn about them and their challenges, and when called upon, offer assistance and help to them. This simple act of service -- that of becoming a friend who can be trusted to help in time of trial -- is what it is all about to me. It is how the Savior lived and the way which He showed for us to walk. The friendships that come from this responsibility have been some of the strongest I have made.