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Hi I'm Sheri

I am a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I love to sew, write stories, tell stories, sing, and play games with my family.

About Me

I was born into an active Mormon family. My family has been in the church for generations, they crossed the plains with the pioneers, in fact, my great great great grandfather was a counselor to Joseph Smith. Yet I consider myself a convert. Why? Because I was converted to this church when I was a teenager. I am a Mormon, not because of tradition, but because the Holy Ghost has born witness to my heart that Jesus is the Christ and Joseph Smith restored His church to this earth. I know that we are led by a living prophet – what a blessing! I married a wonderful man and together we have raised 5 children. This church brings happiness and peace to my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Years ago a Sunday School teacher challenged my class to find out for ourselves if this church is true. We shouldn’t go on in the shadow of our parent’s faith, but we need to have our own faith. This charge by my teacher bothered me somewhat. I had never taken the time to find out for myself. I must admit that at the time I was afraid. I wondered what would happen if it wasn’t true. My fear prevented me from finding out for myself for a few months. But the words of that teacher haunted me. I knew that I needed to know for myself. I saw friends make choices that were not in harmony with the church; I saw that they didn’t share the same standards and principles that we had been taught in church. I realized that I needed to know. I needed to decide for myself what my standards and principles would be. I will never forget that night that I knelt by my bed. For a long time I didn’t say anything, still afraid. Finally I began and the moment I asked my Father in Heaven for a witness of the truthfulness of this restored gospel I was filled and surrounded by the most tangible love that I could ever imagine. That is the only way I can describe it, LOVE. I knew that my Father in Heaven was there, that He had heard me, that He loved me. I continued to pray, asking about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith being a true prophet. The more I asked the more love I felt. I didn’t want the feeling to end. I was afraid that if I ended my prayer the feeling would go away, but after a long time on my knees I was tired and cramped. I climbed into bed and fell asleep still feeling that tangible, undeniable feeling. Since that time I have never doubted and never looked back. That was more than thirty years ago. Throughout my life the Holy Ghost has born witness to me over and over again of the truthfulness of this work. Belonging to this church brings peace to my life, even in the midst of storms that life can bring.

How I live my faith

By following the prophet and by trying to be a good ambassador for Christ. I strive to bring light to those around me. This world can be dark, and many people are sad and lonely. I think that Christ wants me to share my light and warmth with them. Each time I bear my testimony I feel my own faith and testimony grow. I teach institute (gospel oriented class to young single adults). There is a lot of study that is required to teach institute, and some days I am tired and feel burnt out. Because I also have a job its hard to find the time i need. But by putting a smile on my face and forging ahead I know that i not only strengthen those around me, but i strengthen myself. By 'feeding His sheep', i am fed. The Lord does not intend for us to only take care of ourselves. We need to help others. When we are in His service we are serving Him.