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Hi I'm Shonah

I live in South Africa. I help people to become self employed and self reliant. I'm a Mormon and loving it.

About Me

Being a wife to a wonderful man who loves the Lord is a priviledge that I treasure. My seven children their spouces and 7.5 grandchildren are a joy even when times get a bit crazy. I love people and I'm prilledged to work with my husband doing what we both enjoy and that's to help people become self employed and self relliant. Times are tough out there and it's so important to form communities that are willing to help themselves and others. Both my husband and I write courses and are qualified Assessors for Adult Education. We enjoy gardening and working on our personal self relliant program. Due to the fact that we work long hours, we enjoy quality time with our family.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon Church and baptized when I was eight. As a young child I was quite sociable but when our family moved and school became a real challenge, I became quite shy and withdrawn. My parents never forced me to attend church or activities and always supported me in all I tried to do but it was my oldest sister who inspired me and still does, to strive to do my very best and become all I can be. As a teen, my shyness dissapeared and in it's wake came confidence and budding knowledge of the truthfulness that Joseph Smith did indeed restore ordances and laws that had been lost to the world. I have just completed The Book of Mormon for the 22nd time and learn something new each time I open its pages. The Book of Mormon helps me in my daily life and when I need inspiration to make important decissions, I love reading and studying how men, woman and children stood for the truth. I feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit and in my deepest hour of need, without fail, the inspiration and revelation come. I shudder to think of what my life would be without the gospel. I would be like a rowing boat without oars. Decissions are easier to make when I turn to the scriptures through studying and prayer. If I by any chance miss a morning of scripture study, I feel misarable and to a large degree, lost. Being a Mormon anchors me, it gives me purpose and direction. At times I feel inadaquate but am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and know that where I've tried my level best, His grace is sufficient in my shortcomings. For this reason I can't even think of not being a Mormon. I need Jesus Christ in my life to direct me through His example. I need His gospel to direct my very human soul and I need His love in good and troubled times. I love my Savior and Father in Heaven and I know they want me to return to live with them one day with the family I have been blessed with. For all the above I am grateful and that's why i choose to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I enjoy studying the scriptures early in the morning when everybody else is fast asleep however my most precious time is when I am able to kneel in prayer and have some time alone to commune with my Father in Heaven. We belong to a special ward where I have learned the true meaning of service as others have served our family. I enjoy visiting with Sisters in our ward and sharing of their beautiful spirits as we help and encourage each other.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

When my husband and I were dating, I thought he was crazy when he took me to a local park and parted the grass so that I could see an army of ants at work. Watching them gave me a realistic knowledge of the creation of our God. As I watch bees at work and enjoy the birds pecking at bread crumbs, I marvel at the many miracles it takes to have created all the beautiful creatures. Then of course there is us human beings.... How complex our bodies are and yet how marvelous. I just love the fact that our bodies were created in our Heavely Father's image and that he understands us better than we understand ourselves. Each time I hold a new grandchild, I know without a shadow of doubt that this little baby didn't just "happen" but that a loving God had a hand in his or her's mortality. As the years have passed by, some of my beloved family members have died and I know that this too is part of the big picture and that a loving God has called them to fullfill another purpose. Look up at the stars, feel the sun, see the beauty that surrounds you and mostly stop and pause, listen to the wind and feel His presence as you acknowledge that God lives and loves you. Show more Show less