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Hi I'm Erica

I'm an English major, a "Just Dance" fanatic, and a happy, happy girl. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

For the sake of summary, there is much in life to love. Poetry, food, pick-up sports, friends and family, good books, holidays. My favorite sports to watch or play are football and volleyball, (though I'm not really fast or tall enough to be good at either!) In true Utah fashion, I also enjoy snowboarding. On a free day, I'll gladly pick up a distopian novel, a collection of poetry, or any of the classics. And how could I forget?? I LOVE peanut butter. Reeses cups, peanut butter bombs, pancakes, on Oreos, I love it all. Recently, I met and married a wonderful, charming, hard-working man. It's something that little girls dream about, and making it into a reality in my life has been soooo rewarding. We play games together, read together, make goals together. We also watch a fair amount of Disney movies, musicals, and quirky shows like Nacho Libre. And I can beat him pretty much any day at Just Dance 2 or 3. One of my New Year's resolutions was to earn five stars on every single song on those games... Believe me, I'm well on my way!

Why I am a Mormon

For me, it comes down to a few simple things. So long as there is poetry and nature and people, life to me will always be a beautiful kind of miracle that only a loving God could provide. As often as I've seen pain, injustice, or the sting of unanswerable questions, the only way I've ever found peace is through my belief that a fair and loving God will still provide. Why am I a Mormon? Because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has every answer, it heals every wound. I've seen that in my life and in the lives of people very close to me. This is the exact church that Jesus Christ established two thousand years ago, and because He leads it still, this gospel promises peace and purpose that can be found nowhere else. Peace and purpose. Those are perhaps the two biggest reasons why my face is at the top of this screen. Everything that might ever worry me- What happens to my Grandpa when he dies? Why does my best friend have so many struggles when I have so few? What is the meaning of right or wrong? For every question I've ever had, I have found an answer in the Book of Mormon, the counsel of the LDS prophet, or in a personal response to one of my prayers. It is an indescribable relief to know that I don't have to explain the world's problems, I don't have to try and solve them on my own. As a Latter-day Saint, I have access to this wonderful church, and more importantly, I have access to a loving Savior who has all the answers. That is what brings me peace. How does being a Mormon give me purpose? I'm still pretty young, and there are lots of life decisions left to make. So it's a big comfort to me to know that when I pray, God hears me. I have felt His words speak right to me, whether they were scriptural or from the mouth of the living prophet. It gives me so much hope to know that the things I'm doing are the things God wants me to do. You can feel that too!

How I live my faith

If my faith didn't change things on a day-to-day level, it wouldn't have much of a point, would it? Living my faith every day makes me HAPPY. When I'm stressed or overwhelmed, honest prayer is an answer. It makes me feel good, and it gives me guidance on what to do! When I'm struggling in a relationship, the teachings of my church help me know how to make things better. If I feel discouraged about my flaws or mistakes, my faith in grace and in the future give me the motivation to keep trying. In the past, living my faith has meant leadership positions where I look out for the emotional and spiritual needs of about 50 young women. Other times, it is teaching a class of 4 and 5 year old children. For 18 months, I lived in southern Chile and shared my faith with everyone I saw! Now, I study the teachings of the prophets and teach lessons to my peers, also teaching a simpler version to the 2 and 3 year olds. But you know the best way I live my faith? In my marriage. I tell you- there are few things that require more change, effort and sacrifice than a happy marriage. It would be SO HARD without the teachings of the Savior, but it has been so possible for me. My husband and I have had lots of opportunities to forgive, many moments for compassion, lots of sacrifice and faith and trust. Exercising those better qualities is a choice that I make every time I get frustrated or stressed, and those are the moments that make my faith real. Living alongside the Lord's power and love, our faith has made us very, very happy in our marriage, and in all our relationships.

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

Who else? The heavenly leader of this church- Jesus Christ. The prophet will represent him and lead the church as Christ would if he were here physically. Church members show their love for the Savior by following the prophet's direction and counsel. I love our prophet! Besides being a very sweet and funny man, he really is a man of God. Show more Show less