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Yo~man!I am Taiwan.ChungHua third ward's member.And I'm a missionary!My family are all members~nice to be seen!^^

About Me

Of course I need to say thay I ~ love to play video games such as LOL英雄聯盟(League of Legend)&CS(County Strike)~ love to watch TV movie~ love to read comic book just like One Piece航海王&NARUTO火影忍者~ novel-Taiwan famous novel writter-Gidden九把刀~so enthusiastic&sensual&funny~ love to listen to music-lyric&pop song~ love to play musical instuments-piano,guitar,UKELILI~whatever~ if it's funny~I will enjoy~ I'm a super 宅男~"house man"!Yo~man!That's not that bad at all~XD I'm also a normal man~such like I love eating delicious food~playing ball-baseball&basketball are my favorite~try new special mission~ For now I am a hero in Taiwan Taipel Mission fighting for God! so now you know who I am~^^ And of course I think that you have already known who I am if I don't speak it out~That's I'm a Mormon!XD

Why I am a Mormon

In 2001 Chinese New Year~My family went out to travel together~ I didn't know that we would be knocked door(our car's window!) by missionaries unfortunately when my mom got out to buy something~Of course I was confused of it and was sitting between them,seeing my father on my left side talking with this stranger(missionary) on my right side outside the door~in a Short time my father left phone number to him and we left.After this smail act,they call the missionaries who's serving in my hometown-ChungHua to come to visit our home soon! At first my Dad started to meet with missionaries~but my mom just rejected(no interest) missionaries and go through GG...It doesn't need to say about my grandpa~he believed in traditional religion-Buddist ,at that time he was so so so angry that he was fired up to argue with my father!They was closely fighting with each other......However,after seeing some special&marveledhings happened starting change my Dad,my mom were also willing to take a listen~After that,my Dad&mom took my young sister and me to church from then on!That's why I always have fun in the church from the young age until now~!XD Now I also know&know Heavenly Father really lives~and give my family so many blessings&fortune&happy!Of course,there sill have so many reasons that I felt~so I chose to come to be a missionary to serve for God&got zapped by God!Just feel a little sad that I can't stay at home to be a house man to play LOL with my brothers and friends~have so much fun on watching TV with my family...冏But it let me see more beautiful scenary that I can go to serve for every children of God~become their hero in their life~let this awesome gospel sprinkle up in their life and then change their whole life!Yo~man!I am so so so happy when I saw their change bring happy to their life~happy to death!XD It make me know&feel gospel of Lord which everyone is learning is true as well!And because of that good missionary's smail act,God really change our eternal life!

How I live my faith

I guess you may think about these things before in your heart-「It's so so so hard to share gospel with others~So troublesome~Oh,I'm so shy that I can't speak it out~Can I do it~Would they think I'm a freak~Would he accept my present~What can I do if I'am rejected~ GG!囧」We can't just think about it on the stand~that's not enough~If we just pray to God without doing anything~I believe God will not just give us fish but help us achieve our goal!We just need to take more effort like those great leader's example we see in our life~the most epic,of course,is Jesus Christ!Follow his humble example~learn his faith,hope,love to Heavenly Father~strive to do it~to feel it~to enjoy it~to serve for every brothers and sisters~to serve for God! There's an old saying said:「It's better to do it than sitting without doing anything~」I said:「pray to Lord to communicate with Him~research mystery of scriptures of God~come to church to be together with everyone to draw near to God!」 Now I'm doing these things and very important mission in Taipei Mission which can not be missed out~preach God's fulled gospel!Let everyone feel that happy gospel which can make you happy to death!^^