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Hi I'm Mason McMillan

I grew up in Utah. I have started college and will now be serving God for two years in Hermosillo Mexico! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I'm Mason. I am nineteen years old. I was born in Murray, Utah and have started college. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Utah. I love to learn. I have a special interest in reading and I have a yearning and constant desire to advance my intellect and testimony by engaging in reading novels and the scriptures. I have a special love for politics and I was fortunate enough to attend a week-long constitutional convention in Philadelphia two years ago. I hope one day to be either a lawyer or a doctor. Though, I can't really decide which one sounds more interesting. . . . . . Who knows, maybe my mission will change that desire completely and i'll come home wanting to be a plant watcher or something. I love my family. I have a special relationship with my parents and both my brother and my sister. Those four are my best friends. Love my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins too! I'm also very fortunate to have many good friends. There is also a young woman to speak of. She is amazing and teaches me new things about how to be a better person every day. I look up to her in so many ways. She is phenomenal. I have a testimony of this gospel. In twelve days I will depart to serve a two-year mission in Hermosillo, Mexico. I love the Lord God and his son Jesus Christ. They are my beacons and examples. I couldn't imagine having a better teacher than the spirit. I can't wait to serve my mission! Favorite scripture (right now anyway) is 2nd Nephi 22:2.

Why I am a Mormon

Interesting question. I am a mormon because I know that this work and this gospel is true. I have felt the power of the spirit as it dwelt within my soul, as it traveled through and molded my words, and as it emanated from my voice as i prayed for strength and aid from God on high. When I was young my parents were separated due to much fighting and disagreement between them. I will say that I struglled when i was young. I felt alone a lot of the time and due to some experiences i had, i was forced to mature and grow up very quickly. I remember one particular evening where I had retreated to the bathroom to gain a reprieve from the tumult in the other room, when God visited me in spirit. i felt an unquestionable and unchallenged feeling of love stir within my heart and I felt the arms of the savior encircle me, making me feel safe and whole. This experience and others like it helped me through my parents separation and gave me great strength. Later in my life, I recall one particular morning when I was reading from the Book of Mormon. Immediately upon closing this book I was overcome by harsh thoughts and bitter feelings which were foreign to me and not of my own making. For a period of three to four years I was afflicted with bitter thoughts and resentment that plagued my constantly. I knew and have come to fully understand today that these were angels of the adversary, those who would seek my sorrow and who attempted to afflict me thus at frequent periods every day. The Lord and this gospel led me through those difficult years and helped me to become a man. The thoughts and feelings that pervaded and intruded upon my happiness are now gone from my person through the grace of God. I have seen the miracles of God. I have witnessed hearts change, souls relieved, testimonies built, and fear set aside through the power of God. I have been privy to seeing miracles. I am a Mormon because this gospel is true. I am a Mormon because that is what God wants me to be.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? Hmmmm.... well I definately live it imperfectly. I ama sinner and I know this. No matter what I do, i will never be able to pay the Lord back considering all that he has given me. I owe him everything and i falter occasionally and fail to be the perfect servant I cannot, but wish I could, be. I have a special love for the temple. I know that this is a divine place wherein I have the opportunity to serve the Lord. His house is a place that gives me hope and a place where from I can draw great strength and guidance to light my path. I live my faith prayerfully and hopefully, always with my eyes on the horizon and hoping that one day, I will truly be worthy of all the love that God has shown for me. I live my faith in wonder, always being humbled by the power and faith of those around me. I live this faith in love. Perhaps my greatest attribute is my ability to love others. I am aware that God has blessed me with this caoacity to care for, and desire the best for those around me and those who I come to know. I live this faith by example and by learning from others. At times I serve as an example to those around me and strive to aid those in need and at other times, I am blessed to learn from those examples. I live this faith in the service of my God, having faith that through his wisdom, I might receive happiness and joy. I have much to improve upon and much to learn, but I do not doubt that the Lord will be with me and that his grace will serve to make me whole in this gospel.