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Hi I'm Ryan Schiess

I was born and raised in Idaho, I come from a big family, I'm serving in the Canada Edmonton mission and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm from a small town in Idaho. In high school i was on the football team and i also wrestled! i love sports of any kind. Growing up my parents always took us backpacking and fishing in the outdoors. Those are some of my greatest memories! i love being outside playing and working. There are eight kids in my family so were always doing something! I'm right in the middle of the Crew There are 4 older girls, me, a sister, brother, and a little sister. My family is the coolest family in the world and its growing all the time!

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are members and all of my family is also. But just like with everything else you have to make your own choice. being a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ is the best choice you will ever make. knowing that i can once more live with my awesome Family again is so comforting. Knowing that all i have to do is to do my very best and then the rest will be made makes me realize how much God loves us all. Knowing that because of what Christ did for me and all of us are sins can be forgiven makes me want to talk to everyone and help them realize what i have and what they can have. I guess that's why i'm on a mission.

How I live my faith

Currently i am serving a two year mission, in Canada! And loving it. Serving a mission is the best decision of my life. I love people and helping people come to Christ is so rewarding, its hard but i love every second of it. In high school i never shared what i have with non member friends and now i wish i did cause i can see the joy that it brings to people. I also live it by going to church each week. My parents set the example for church attendance. I go to church each week to get ready for the coming week. Also by listing to the prophet. He receives guidance from god for our day.

In whom should we have faith?

Ryan Schiess
To me that is a silly question! The bible clearly states in whom we should have faith! The answer is none else then the Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one that suffered for us. That act alone makes it possible for us to return to God. That is the reason that he is our Savior. It is referred to as the atonement. That gift is for everyone to us and God is waiting for all of his children to access the atonement. We shouldn't have faith in our selves, that is referred to as pride. As we forget our selves and as we serve those around us, we can become more like Jesus and in that way we realize how important it is we have that faith. Faith is something that we have to gain. its not going to come all at once and as we build upon it and grow more then we better understand who we should have faith in. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Ryan Schiess
Being a Mormon or being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ doesn't change your personality you are still who you are it changes things so that you can better live in accordance with how god would have you live if he was here on the earth. Some of the coolest people I have meet are people that have changed their lives around so that they are in better standing with god. They still get to keep all of the things they learned they still are who they once were just more in line with god! Being a member of this church is one of the greatest things one can ever do on this earth. In fact it will be vital one day. Just because you are a member though doesn't mean that you are perfect and all is well. You still have to be a good person and try and emulate the savior Jesus Christ. This church is a vessel that will allow all those that accept it to get where they need to go in the best manor possible. Being a Mormon is great, we wont change who you are completely you can still be who you are in fact that's what we want! God created all of us so be your self and that is what we ask. And always remember 2 Nephi 2:25! Show more Show less