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Hi I'm Sica

I am a vocalist. I am a hippy. And I am a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Sica. I am a daughter of God; and I am blessed. -I graduated from Florida School of the Arts with a degree in Musical Theatre. -Singing is my passion. -I *love* opera, and am a coloratura soprano. -I am currently pursuing my Master's in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. -I am a convert to the church (2004), and served a mission in Boise, Idaho. -I am graced with an amazing and supportive husband, as well as a beautiful 19-month old daughter. I sport dreadlocks. I am a gamer. I am an activist. I hang around with "hippies". I live my life within the doctrines and principles of the gospel and for my family and myself: not for what other people think. I have plans to become a certified life coach and hypnotherapist, am working on writing and publishing a book, and will be releasing my first album by December of 2013. I know that I am a co-creator with the Divine in every aspect of my life--and am focused on living a purposed life. I am a daughter of a King, and I am loved.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in high school, my choir teacher was a member of the church--there was something about him that was just... different. I asked him for a copy of "The Book of Mormon", but due to public school regulations, he was not able to share it with me. In 2003, I auditioned for the Musical Theatre program at Florida School of the Arts. During the audition I met a fantastic young lady, and we were both accepted into the program. Early on in the year, I found out that she, too, was LDS and asked her for a copy of "The Book of Mormon". I received one, and tried to read through it, but never thought to ask her questions... and eventually set it aside. Several months later, after a pretty rough tear in a relationship, I met an amazing young man - the pianist for my friend's band. We started dating, and a month or so into our relationship I found out he was LDS (it just never had come up, and he thought I already knew). Having always been spiritual, I took note of a pattern that was happening, and sat down to talk with his grandmother. We talked until 3:00am!! Two months later, in January of the following year and after careful prayer and study, I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The road had its ups and downs... completely changing a life doesn't happen overnight. But I knew it was right. My soul told me that, and I listened. In 2005, the pianist and I got engaged. My plan was to stay in Florida, work, and save money while he went to serve a mission. But I received another knock of inspiration--and in April of 2006 served a mission, myself, in Boise, Idaho. In 2007, we both returned from our missions, and were married in the Orlando, Florida temple. Five years later, we have a beautiful daughter and are headed into professions that we love. And if we could do it all again, we wouldn't have chosen any other way. Why am I a Mormon? Because living the gospel has given me every single thing that I have.

How I live my faith

I love teaching others about what the gospel is, and about what the gospel is NOT. The restored gospel *is* an understanding of who we are, where we've come from, and where we have the possibility of going. It is an understanding of our divine heritage; it is an understanding of our rights; and it is a guide that gives us the knowledge to be able to live a life aligned with purpose. The gospel is NOT a prescription for how to live your life. Our greatest gift is agency, the ability to choose. The gospel is NOT a stifling list of rules and regulations that force the loss of individuality and self. The gospel is not a fortune-teller for what will happen to you here or in the hereafter. That is based on choice. The gospel speaks of revelation, past and present, big and small. The gospel means we are not alone on our journey. The gospel is our guide. Heavenly Father is truly our Father, Christ is our brother, and we are fully and unconditionally supported and loved. My schedule does not always permit me to attend church every Sunday. I do not currently have a "calling" (jobs that members are given... we don't have paid clergy)-- so this is how I live my faith. I share my testimony in my example, and in my truth. Participating in several related fields of alternative care, I have the opportunity to choose to make myself available for others as a powerful stand for who they are. I have the opportunity to be a conduit for Heavenly Father's divine Love to shine through--to be a mirror for them to see their truest selves. This is how I live my faith. I live on purpose. I give every moment of every day 110%, and share my vitality with the world.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Is it true that Christ came to America? This is MY truth. It is my whole-hearted desire that each person study, research, and ask for guidance yourselves. Every single person who reads this has the ability to discern for themselves what is true. Do not believe something just because someone else says it. A testimony like that cannot ever stand. Yes. The Book of Mormon contains the record of Christ visiting the people on the American continent after His resurrection. And why wouldn't he? If our Father loves each and every one of us, why would he send His Son only to one small portion of the people? He wouldn't. He didn't. The Book of Mormon is the word of God--given for us in these latter days. This is my truth. What is yours? Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

I would like to address this question by asking, what is the role of the husband and wife in MY family. We're very unconventional around here. After we were married, my husband worked, and we tried for several years to start a family. With no success, I decided it was time to get off my duff and pursue something, so I finished my Musical Theatre degree. On the first day of my last year of school, we found out we were pregnant! My husband continued to work as a substitute teacher, until several months after Mariella was born. Then work got scarce. When my daughter was three months old, we decided I would try to find work. I started at a daycare, and my *husband* stayed at home with our daughter. Eventually, we bought a house and I received a better job. At this point, I received the revelation to go back to school for my Master's in Acupuncture and TCM. One day, in my office, a client talked about her experience at massage school. Again, we received inspiration it was time for my husband to go back to school, as well. SO, we rented out our house, and moved back in with his grandparents. Now we're both in school, and trying to juggle intense programs with parenting a toddler, and somehow making time for each other and ourselves. So what is the role of the husband and wife in the family? In ours it is simply support and flexibility. Trusting in Heavenly Father and each other. It is communicating our wants/needs, and allowing space for God to work His miracle. Show more Show less