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Hi I'm Wyatt Adamson

I baptized my best friend. I am serving a mission in Argentina. I love this gospel. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am 18, one of the first to begin serving a mission at this age. I live in a small town and I have many hobbies. As a technology guru, I love to tinker with any sort of electronic device. Photography is a large part of my life. I enjoy capturing anything that has even a fraction of importance to me. I am an Ecomodder. In further depth, this is a person who pushes his vehicle to its maximum fuel economy potential. I currently own a Honda CRX and have reached a 62 MPG (Miles per Gallon) record. It's obvious that this is one of my more active hobbies. Of course, I still love a fast car, but the thought of where the money saved from Ecomodding can go keeps me inspired to try and increase my goals.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whether the religion is present or not, is such a perfect base for life that I find no reason not to live it. I fully believe in the gospel and I appreciate all that it has done for me. I have never been so happy as I have been since I baptized my best friend. It was then that I truly gained a testimony. I am a Mormon because God is eternal and I desire all of his promises. I am a Mormon because I truly believe that God will always be here for me. I am a Mormon because, in this world, there is nothing else I would rather be.

How I live my faith

As with Ecomodding, my faith has begun to slowly grow. It wasn't until a short time ago that I really took a dive into the love that God has for me. Throughout high school I put the thought of my Heavenly Father as far back in my mind as my parents would allow, knowing very well what I should be doing. Until my best friend came around I had no idea where I was going and even what I should be doing. She showed me what God's church was truly about. She is a convert. I was simply an instrument in God's hands, giving her a home and welcoming hands to study the gospel in. Her mother wasn't too fond of her investigation so she would set up missionary discussions in my home. Every discussion brought her and me closer and every time we became closer, I became closer with my Heavenly father. Soon the discussions became more serious and there was talk of baptism. I was ecstatic of her choice to become a member. As her date to be baptized drew nearer she confronted me with a proposal. I didn’t know what to say. I was completely caught off guard. I wasn’t worthy, or at least not enough to perform such an act on one of God's children. That was all I could think about after she asked me to baptize her. Then I realized that this was my chance. This was my opportunity to let my spirit grow, to let my faith expound. I had already felt the spirit before her request but after she asked I knew exactly what I wanted. After her baptism I felt happier as a person. Nothing profound happened as some people claim. I didn’t get a visit from God or a vision, but I knew that this was real. I know now what I want and I am proud to be serving a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. God works in marvelous ways. We never really comprehend how much we can affect others' lives. For her, and my Heavenly Father, I am forever grateful.