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Hi I'm Alex White

I grew up in the great Northwest. I love music and play guitar. I attend Brigham Young University-Idaho. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I grew up in Washington State near the Puget Sound. So naturally I love really tall evergreens, rain and camping. It's the best place to live anywhere in the United States, but sadly I had to move to Texas. Being in Boy Scouts I was lucky enough to have a scoutmaster that took us camping every month and I loved every minute of it. We did everything from hiking 16 miles up to secluded lakes to digging and sleeping in our own snow caves. One of my greatest passions is music. I love almost any kind of music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Relient K. The only thing I can't stand is country. One of my favorite things to do is just go for a drive and listen to music. No matter what is wrong, it just makes everything better. But the only thing better than music, is live music. Going to a concert is one of the things I enjoy doing the most, from famous bands in huge venues to unknown bands in tiny venues. There is also a shake and burger place near where I attended school that featured local bands. Every chance I got I was there. I also play the guitar. I have been playing for about six years and am always trying to improve. I really hope to take lessons again and also someday learn how to play the drums. I also hope to travel someday and visit Italy, Greece, France and the rest of Western Europe.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. So I did not really have a conversion story. Nor did I have to make any life changing decisions when it came to adhering to the church's standards, but that doesn't mean I'm only part of the church because my parents are. At age 8, like all other 8-year-olds, I had to make a decision whether or not to join the church and be baptized, and I am very happy to say the I made the decision to do so. There are many reasons I chose to be a mormon. It's the only religion where the family is at the core and teaches they can always be together throughout eternity. Another reason was the word of wisdom which is a set of guidelines to help members to live the healthiest and most productive lives possible. Some examples from it are: don't consume tobacco and be well rested. I also like that everyone has a calling, or a part to play in the congregation. By actively doing you calling you are showing your dedication to the church and you show that you care about everyone else in the ward, or congregation. Another obvious reason would be the Book of Mormon because it furthers testifies of Jesus Christ and clarifies things taught in the Bible that might seem a confusing otherwise. Another major reason in the priesthood, which is given to all worthy men, 12 and up, and is the authority to act in God's name in order to accomplish the things the Lord asks of us. We can also give members and non-members blessings to help or aid them in their times of need. Something else important to me is the fact that in the church we are always growing, learning and improving on our knowledge and spirituality, and always will be.

How I live my faith

To start, I live my faith by attending church every single Sunday. While at church I try to focus my thoughts on Christ and everything he has done for me. I try and think of ways that I could better model my life after his. I also actively participate in the lessons taught during Sunday school. When not at church I always try to be as Christ-like as possible. Whenever there is an opportunity for service I take advantage of it. I also clean the church buildings when assigned and volunteer to clean the temple buildings. Another important way I live my faith is I have recently returned from serving a two year church mission to Brazil. During which time I devoted myself to the Lord's errand by spreading the gospel to all those who are seeking it. I even learned the language of Portuguese in order to do so. It is an experience that required a lot of courage and faith, but through this experience Heavenly Father has immensely blessed my life and those I was able to serve. I also read the scriptures daily, which include the Bible and the Book of Mormon. This is important because If we have problems or questions in our lives, one of the main ways we can receive answers from the Lord is through the scriptures. I also pray daily to thank Heavenly Father for the blessings I have received and ask him for blessings in the day to come. Another way I live my faith is to take the best care of my body that I can. I exercise whenever I can. I stay away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, pornography, tattoos and anything that can harm my body physically, mentally and spiritually. And I am always thinking of ways to better model my life after Christ's and show gratitude to my father in heaven.