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Hi I'm Caroline

Born and raised in TN. I'm a learner, photographer, writer, future-to-be politico and optimist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Caroline. I'm a Political Science Major--future-to-be politico and lawyer. I love learning, even if it's something small like how to make Top Ramen (without using a microwave! Who knew?!) I'm the only girl in my immediate family (4 brothers). I'm interested in Humanitarian aid and International Affairs. I've organized events to help raise money for aid towards the Famine in Somalia. I've also volunteered with the American Red Cross since I was 11. I love music and play the guitar. I also especially love photography and animals. I also enjoy to write and share my faith and life lessons with others. I keep a blog called Cat Vs Dane about the character building adventures I have with my Great Dane named Joshua! Last, but not least, I believe that life is good and optimism is the way to go!

Why I am a Mormon

I was actually born into the church, my parents were both converts. But, I like to tell people I'm a convert because the reason I am a Mormon is because, well, I was converted to the church--despite the fact that I was born into it. I asked. I studied. I prayed. I struggled. I investigated the church and even investigated others faiths in some ways as well. Eventually, I knew. I felt, and feel to this day, that the LDS church is Christ's restored Gospel on the earth today. The greatest factor I love about being a Mormon though, is that...knowledge isn't condemned. In my process of investigating the church and Heavenly Father's manner, I learned that He is a God of knowledge and truth. The fact that I love learning helped me adore this cast of God more than ever. I've never felt that I can't ask a question or wonder something that may (at the time) seem extremely controversial or "politically incorrect." So, I guess to answer the question simply--I'm a Mormon because being a Mormon allows me to be me...I'm not put into a box like Christianity might seem to do at times. I'm free--in a beautiful, knowledgable and deep sense of the word.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? I'd say, the combination of scripture study, prayer, and working in the church--but honestly being a follower of Christ is so much more when you are truly living it. I feel that the way I live it, ultimately, is by serving others. Even in the smallest of things! Listening to a child tell a story in complete gibberish for 10 minutes straight (I serve in the Nursery--toddlers sunday school), or talking deeply with an adult about overcoming the heartbreaking struggles life gives us is where you'll truly find Christ's influence and gospel. The trick to living my "faith" is seeking it constantly. And where else would Christ be but in the humble, sick and afflicted, loving, struggling souls we interact with each and every day? Serving those around me, seeking Christ's presence by searching for it in others and following the guidance of the scriptures is how I live my faith. Being consistent in these things is how my faith grows and lasts as well.

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

As a Political Science Major, and a Mormon, I feel that I am constantly asking myself this question. The church does not endorse one specific political party over another, yet we as members of Christ's church are encouraged to be active in our communities--even politically! The church recognizes that factors within our faith are found in all political parties or platforms in some way. The reason I struggle with this question is because some members do not understand the church's stand on I, personally, believe that the object of Free Agency comes into play here. We as Children of God, LDS or not, Christian or not, have the right to choose. We have the right to decide our beliefs, how to live by them, how to encourage our beliefs on others, what we need to do to protect them and how we need our beliefs to grow within our daily lives. So, today, and in my life specifically, we have Politics. We have different agendas with similar goals and different beliefs with similar standards. This is why the church doesn't force a specific political agenda on us, as members. It will always stand up for Gospel Doctrines, truth and righteousness but it will not tell it's members who to vote for when the lines are grayed by politics. The church is about truth--and the only way one can find truth is by searching for it. This is much like politics. The church is not what tells us to be Mormon, so why would it tell us to be a democrat, republican, or a libertarian? Show more Show less