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Hi I'm Jonathan

I love big, I laugh hard, I live life to the fullest, I'm a Mormon

About Me

Ever since I was young, I have wanted to see this earth from space, to be an astronaut. I love math, science, and physics. After I realized that I'm not to fond of heights, I decided on Aerospace Engineering. To create something that will go into space, to see this earth from above has been my dream, my imagination. I realized that you don't have to see something with your own eyes to know its there. Even in our world somethings are best dreamed about rather than tried to be found. I always dream about looking down on earth, and try and see what god see's, but also I'm fascinated with what god has created around us, from the unique plants and animals, to gigantic galaxies around us, and how small we truly are, relative to the universe around us. Somehow though we are loved, individually, without remorse, and with infinite, and truly eternal love. That is something I always ponder about, as I sit and gaze up at the stars. I look up at the dark night sky and feel like I will just float away into the great expanse of space. Yet then I look around and realize how amazing the world is, around us, how each individual plant, animal, and, us, humans, are so different yet so much alike in the respect that we all have a divine reason. I have been called to Argentina to serve an LDS mission and while I am going to be in Argentina I will be sharing a message of our loving Heavenly Father, about his way to return and live with him again! I will be there for two years and I am excited!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, because, when I know that I have a God that watches out for me day in and day out. When that God loves me so eternally, that I cannot even begin to comprehend that kind of love. That is when I know I am a Mormon. When I see the difference that it makes in peoples lives, that testifies to me of its truthfulness. I have been a member all my life but I am converted daily. When I see what changes people make to stay true to the one and only everlasting God. That shows me that He loves those around us, but He also loves me, and I know He loves me, I know that I will live with my family again for eternity, if I stay true to Him, I know that He is always willing to wrap us up, in his arms if we are in need of comfort. I know that He can see what we do, what decisions we make, and He is so proud of us, so incredibly proud, we honestly cannot comprehend it. I know that all we need to do is change our life, focus it towards our Great Redeemer, continually hold on, and, that it will all be worth it at the end of this life on earth. I know this is true, without a shadow of doubt. That is why I am a Mormon, because I know it's true. I will always have my eyes focused on Him, following His foot steps, and trying to live pure enough to live with Him again.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to participate, with a willing attitude, in all my responsibilities, in our gospel. When I do something correct and right, I am privileged to be asked to do something else. I will not lie, it is always very stressful in the one way or another. When I look back at what I've accomplished no matter what, I feel more satisfied than I did coming into it. When I have the opportunity to brighten anothers' day, I try and always be kind, considerate, and all together an example of a Christ like follower. Which is, to always think of others before yourself, simple and easy. I know this is a truly wonderful thing because, of the feeling I receive after I do it. I love it, it is contagious and I love having it about me! In the church we are each given responsibilities or callings as you might have heard and through those callings we are able to participate with a more open mind with this gospel. For instance, imagine getting asked to volunteer for a school, for some reason or another. You feel more attached to that school because of what you put into it. That is excatly what I feel, I feel so much more attached to this wonderful gospel because of what I have put into it!